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For the past ten years JujuMama’s Love Academy has rolled out various new paradigm models for love and relationships – The Choice Paradigm (Womb Choice), Gender Harmonics, The PL Tenets, The Three Way Mirror and so forth… Each tool has been helpful in opening new juiciness within us – juiciness is anything that forwards connection. Juiciness (energetic alignment) is indeed the oil that supports flow between humans. In creating models, we are solving for unity…READ MORE



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I have some advice for people – if you want a first hand understanding of the power of the spirit as well as a greater understanding of the universe beyond what’s presented physically, your best bet is to recall your most magical and creative childhood experiences.  I say that because if we are quantum, cosmic beings who have a history and future beyond this physical earthly life, our closest experiences and memories will be from childhood.  As ‘children’ we come into the earthly world from the cosmic, metaphysical world and thus have memories of who we were.  We also have behavioral responses that reflect that world as well…READ MORE.



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The question is, “What will it take for men to come together in unity, love, and true brotherhood?”  What will it take for men to be brothers and care for and look out for one another?  I addressed some of this in my last article, Why Only Alpha Males Can Share Pussy, but I wanted to go into more detail…Read More



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I wrote an article a while back about men’s emotions so we could have clarity on how and why men emote.  All too often, women get pegged as the emotional ones.  I’ve also spoken about male hatred of other males.  It’s a real thing and very deep.  Actually, it’s deeper than we want to admit.  Where do we see male … Read More





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