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Why Women Use Alcohol To Enjoy Sex

I LOVE this new Jamie Foxx song!  How about you?  My own interpretation of the meaning of the song might interest you.  I think the song is profound.  He is saying BLAME it on the alcohol – blame your authentic feelings, your desire to choose BLISS on a substance.  The real deal is that we do not actually need the substance to express feminine desire. (Not that there is anything innately wrong with partaking in spirits.  There is metaphysical purpose in that too!  LOL!)

Basically Jamie has noted a key element in our society at this time.  Women are fronting on the sex tip!  Not all women, but many women carry real guilt about their sexual desires.  Thus, they ‘get loose’ when they drink alcohol, the alcohol makes us free of the incessant need to judge ourselves about our natural, yet extremely suppressed, sexual energy.

Lets take a look at the lyrics…

Blame it on the Goose – gotcha feeling loose – Blame it on the Tron – got your panties off…

OK – the song opens with this.  It seems that what Jamie is alluding to is the fact that women want to be open and free and relaxed about sex, but cannot.  Many drink alcohol to bring out their authentic sexual energy.  We have all seen this, right?  Some women get drunk, and have wild sexual exploits that they can later blame on alcohol.  We call these women sluts, however, many more women have these desires, but do not act on them due to fear of being called a slut or guilt about sexual feelings in general… Let’s go on.


She said she usually don’t but I know that she front.  Cause Shawty know what she want ~ but she don’t want to seem like she’s Easy…

Who is he talking about?  Jamie Foxx is stating that women, in general are fronting.  He says that women know what they want, but do not want to seem Easy. DO you agree?  Many women want to and have wanted to explore their own sexual energy in deeper ways, but due to social conditioning, they have stuffed this sacred urge to be healed by a man’s energy to the background of life.  Think of it this way.  There are many angry women out there who simply do not get enough love.  These are the ones Jamie might be talking about in this song.  It is a shame that women want to suppress the sexual urge in order not to appear EASY.  But no worries, we are changing this!  The sexual paradigm in this country is about to shift and JujuMama will be on the forefront of that movement.  In my opinion, sexual energy and spiritual energy are one in the same!

Have you ever experience a moment in which you authentically wanted the sacred healing of a man, but you did not want to seem like you were easy?  Sure you have!  Don’t front ladies.  The man speaks truth!

Next lyric:

I ain’t saying what you gon do – but girl you know what you wanna do.  Its what you been feining deep in side.

Hell yes!  Of course women fiend.  It is scientifically proven that women desire sex and sexual variety more than men!  An ancient Greek writing notes that “for women, sex is a nine, for men sex is a one”.  This simply means that women are multi orgasmic, can have levels and levels of orgasm while men can have one orgasm, maybe two in the course of sexual love.  This points to the fact that for women, the sexual experience is far deeper than a man’s experience.  This is notable and has been covered over with social mores.  In all, women have a greater desire for sexual experience than men!

Fill another cup up, feeling on your butt what, you don’t even care now, you was unaware how…

SO here Jamie is speaking about the boundaries that are lifted when a woman frees her sexual energy with alcohol.  He says that he is feeling on her butt and she doesn’t even care NOW.  Now simply means NOW, after the drinks!  She allows a man to appreciate her body, touch her body, when she has been drinking.  WOW!

This is an amazing look into the psychology of the modern woman.  We desire the touch of a man, the healing and sacred journey that his touch takes us on.  But here and today, we seem to shun the energy based on social conditioning and other factors.  The alcohol frees women of these artificial constraints.  AMAZING!

Not amazing that this fact is so, many people know this already, but amazing that Jamie Foxx has so clearly defined the scenario of modern madness!  I love it!  How about you?


Blame it on the Goose, gotcha feeling loose, Blame it on the Tron, got you in the Zone…

Yes.  Feeling Loose, Feeling Free!  The alcohol brings her to her natural state of openness and receptivity.  As well the Zone is where sexual bliss takes women.  We are supposed to be able to go to the zone during sex and indeed through meditation and other trance inducing activities.  Women are Trance DIVAS.  Trance is important because in the Zone is where we create future realities!  During sex, we have access to the inner plains where the work of manifesting the future takes place!  You can watch the Secret all day long, but nothing will allow you to manifest reality better than being in the Zone – that delicious state of Trance that we all love.  Too bad we need alcohol, at least some of us, to open to that place.  Kudos Jamie!

Oopsie, she spilled her drink on me, now I know shes tipsy, she put her body on me and she keeps staring me

right in my eyes

So here is where Jamie begins to describe the attributes of a sensually awakened woman.  She move her body onto him, offering herself to him in hopes to receive his love.  She is also open to looking him in the eyes, the eyes being the window to the soul, this is altogether a great thing!  All women would naturally exhibit these behaviors when choosing a man to give her love.  However, this natural activity is mostly shut down today due to fear.  What will the man think?  Will he be there in the morning?  What will he do if we receive his love?  How will he respond?  Is he a player or a good guy?  So many thoughts that we simply shut down the energy for fear of pain.

No telling what I’m gon do – baby I would rather show you, what you been missing in your life…

This line is really cool.  He wants to show her what he will do, how he can offer his special brand of healing BLISS.  Most importantly, Jamie knows that this is missing in her life.  He states, clearly, that he knows she has been missing out on all the healing bliss she deserves and desires.  Why is that?  Maybe it is the same reason that 78% of American women are not orgasmic in the bed with a man (toys and oral sex aside).  This is a state of affairs that we must shift!  How can we go another ten centuries this way?

Now for the sweetest line of the song

Girl you feel good, just like like you look, couple more drinks you’ll be open like a book and I just want to read you, I just want to please you.

This line tells me that Jamie Foxx is a masculine man!  He wants to please HER.  He wants her to open like a book, open to him, open to pleasure and love and spiritual BLISS so that he can read her.  Women, from a state of trance, can receive information from the inner plains.  When she makes love, if she can stop thinking and go deep within, she can get information just as she would in a state of mediation.  She can download Universal Truths to share with her man once she returns from Heaven.  And he knows that he has to please her in order to get her there!  I LOVE it!

So sweet.


Shawty got drink thought it all was a dream.  SO I made her say I I I – Now she got her hand on my legs and the seats all wet in my ride.  She looked me dead in the eye – my pants got bigger she already knew what to figga – had her looking at her boyfriend like _____ dat _______ !

OK – here is the big finish, right!  Everyone loves that line, why?  Why do so many women resonate here?  Well, I will let you tell me in your comments.  You know what I think already – LOL!

Thanks ya’ll!

Written By Kenya K Stevens

JujuMama xoxoxo


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16 thoughts on “Why Women Use Alcohol To Enjoy Sex

  1. I agree with you Kenya that sexual energy is spiritual energy. Confirmed time and time again that we *are* Divine extensions of Thee Creative Energy so it can be no other way. Sexual energy can be harnessed and focused in the manifestation and creation of anything that serves. The bliss available is not fully describable. Thanks for sharing your take – sounds like an honest description on what women feel (although many may or may not be fully conscious of it.)

    It’s nice to be in the zone without the need for a substance to free one’s self, though. I spent many years feeling like I needed to be freed through either a man’s approval or a substance that released inhibitions. All to experience pleasure! Giving one’s self the permission to not only experience, but *be* the pleasure is of course very freeing… Now is new, which is absolutely beautiful. :o)

  2. yep, yep…i agree with you and the song, nobody wants to be labeled “easy” or have to live with their own harsh criticism of feeling like they “shouldn’t have” done something they wanted to do. so, alcohol is a convenient and obvious excuse. gives women the “out” they so desperately crave to be able to relax and enjoy sex. no wonder orgasms don’t happen. how can you receive when you’re too busy blocking out guilt and fear and shame? who has time foe all that during sex?? so we go through the motions but don’t really let ourselves go. shame because most women miss out on so much that we are supposed to partake in – naturally.

    fortunately, there is a shift happening now which is setting us free and allowing us to enjoy our bodies and creative minds and hopefully will make the love experience greater for us all. release and enjoy!

  3. Great blog.

    In re: Shawty got drink thought it all was a dream. SO I made her say I I I – Now she got her hand on my legs and the seats all wet in my ride. She looked me dead in the eye – my pants got bigger she already knew what to figga – had her looking at her boyfriend like _____ dat _______ !

    I personally think that perhaps women are really unfulfilled in their relationships and really want to explore being with other men. You know many people have relationships based on what they feel as though they should have. I should be with one man/woman, I should be loyal to be husband, etc, etc. However, it might not resonate with a woman to be with one man. I personally feel that it is important to define the relationship that you really want and would cause to experience joy. Apart of defining the relationships that you want is defining your sexual relationships too.

    I know for me, I personally, I desire fulfilling sexual relationships in a monogamous experience. Okay, I have to admit, a threesome with another woman and the woman I am in a relationship with would be a nice experience but not consistently though, LOL. Intimacy is important for me and I do not desire to sleep with a woman that I am not relationship with and/or have some kind of spiritual connection. I also have not been had a sexual experience outside of relationship either. Being the hit and quit it type never resonated with me but that definitely does not make it wrong. That is me though.

    You know I have always wonder why women seem so loose when drinking liquor. It was mentioned in the movie “40 Year Old Virgin” to look for the drunk girls so you can score with them. Throughout my experience at HU (Hampton Univ, LOL), it was not a party til the liquor was brought out. Women would not dance, nothin. But when the liquor came out, oh a brotha could get a lap dance, the party would almost be like a “Tip Drill” video. Guys would always mention, bring the liquor man so we get them women to start freakin, LOL. Matter of fact, you were not going to have women at your party unless there was alcohol available. Now you were guaranteed a lot of people if it was free! It makes sense based on what you mentioned about sexual energy being suppressed. Alcohol naturally lowers that mental resistance people have to their sexuality. You always hear that alcohol lowers people’s inhibitions. I will never forget how me and a women I was dating in college were mad at each other. We had not seen each other in awhile and we also had not been having sexual relations at the time. That all ended one night when she drank some liquor (she did it herself, it was not provided by me) and she was all over me. She gave me fellatio and we had sex until she passed out, LOL. I was liking the experience until she passed out too, not too sexy for me. I also found that many of these women who would get tipsy and then be really freaky where also very religious. It was always whispered amongst the brothas that the freaks be in CHURCH. I personally believe that that still has to do with suppression of sexuality that many religious practices teach. (I am advocating any religious philosophy nor criticizing any religion. This is something I have just observed from being aware of limiting beliefs (my own included) that frame our reality. From a sexual point of view, our limiting beliefs often cause us to experience shame, guilt, and fear which will often manifest as STDs as punishment. If people have a cycle of resentment and anger related to sexuality that this could manifest as cancer of the reproductive organs)

    Personally, I have never found it attractive to be around tipsy women who want to feel all over me. I personally do not drink either so that may be why I do not find it attractive either. I like it to flow soberly from a women, but of course I could never attract those kinds of women unless I let go of the negative beliefs I had about sex. I had a bunch of negative beliefs growing up too. In my recollection, I have not tried to get a women drunk so I can score either, or at least that was not my conscious intention, LOL. I do know this though alcohol can lower the mental suppression/resistance for awhile but it does not change the limiting beliefs and/or guilt. Often times women will get tipsy and then get raped and this happens because the alcohol cannot change the predominant vibration of the person. If women in particular have beliefs in victimhood or beliefs that justify sexual guilt, fear, or suppression, then that affects their predominant vibration which could then lead to attracting a “rapist” or “sexual criminal” even though the liquor has made them “free” in those moments. Of course, some women have very enjoyable drunk sexual experiences which due to their predominant vibration and beliefs too.

    Anyways my beloved Kenya, thank you for elucidating on this. Very powerful analysis

  4. Chica! Lady! Kenya K! Hakashamut! Queen!

    Boy have you hit the nail on the head.

    This just so happens to be my FAVORITE song for many of the reasons you expressed so eloquently.

    And I admit that “I Am the Woman Jamie Is Singing About in This Song”!

    The most fun and freedom I have is when I can blame my actions on the al co hol. Pole dancing, dancing period like no one is looking, feeling – acting – being sexy, displaying aspects of myself I normally surpress for fear the “people who know me” may think less of me, flirting, teasing and yes opening up to be read like book and for receiving the healing I can get from the opposite sex.

    Well, I know for me, the last line in your decode resonates because it reminds me of a time ‘I blame on the alcohol’ that the sexy in me came out; and when we looked eyes are he saw what he described as my siamese cat eye look and responded, being in the zone, there was no time for me to question whether I should or should not enjoy That ride. WHAT!!!

    Thank you and I enjoy your commentary, the longer the better for me — I like it when people go deep if you know what I mean.

  5. “I do know this though alcohol can lower the mental suppression/resistance for awhile but it does not change the limiting beliefs and/or guilt. Often times women will get tipsy and then get raped and this happens because the alcohol cannot change the predominant vibration of the person. If women in particular have beliefs in victimhood or beliefs that justify sexual guilt, fear, or suppression, then that affects their predominant vibration which could then lead to attracting a “rapist” or “sexual criminal” even though the liquor has made them “free” in those moments. Of course, some women have very enjoyable drunk sexual experiences which due to their predominant vibration and beliefs too.” ~Curtis Duncan

    Definitely! That paragraph explains the possible negatives of alcohol use for the purpose of *temporarily* releasing sexual inhibitions. If the beliefs, shame, and whatever else stops her in sobriety from being sexual, though, the results and after effects certainly could and would be not as pleasant as the ‘loosened’ experience… and quite likely not as pleasant as an experience where she can be *full force* and free within herself au natural.

    I think the key word ‘blame’ it on the alcohol says it all. As consciously creating women (and men) the word blame doesn’t fit. It’s something to be aware of yes, but also to transcend, IMO (of course).

    I also love the length of your posts, Kenya, because you’re real – you don’t just skim the surface. Thanks!

  6. Women ARE very unfulfilled in their relationships today!!! And use drinking as an excuse to get what they want and how they want it and sometimes even think that the man is not catching on when he actually is. This is actually one of my favorite songs and I notice in the video as well when Jamie plays a trick on two girls and makes them kiss. though in the video this is very innocent it also shows what women do also when they are drunk are drinking in general… Women be yourself is what he is saying because you are beautiful before you are tipsy and not when you are tipsy… and for me a tipsy woman turns me off because authenticity is what is really wanted and needed… so lets have fun and if we blame it on the alcohol then let’s not regret what we do after we wake up from the alcohol!!

  7. I like the song, and I agree with everything you wrote, but am troubled at the same time. I hurts my heart that we need to drink in order to be free. I have worked hard in the past 10 years to re-program myself and let go of all the shame, guilt, and issues I had around sex, sexuality, and the freedom to be!

    I am on the other happy so happy that you exist and are working to bring freedom and awareness to the black community so that black women can finally be free of the the constraints place upon our sexuality.

    For so many years we were trying to live down this stereotype of black woman as oversexed that we moved to the opposite extreme and how there is this stereotype of black women as sexually repressed (at least as it relates to our white, asian,and latina counterparts)!

    Religion, society, and history all plays a role, but if we continue to bring awareness, love, and acceptance to women, one day we won’t have to blame it anything b/c we won’t fee guilty about being fully self expressed sexually!

  8. Clearly U get Deep!!! I am really ova the negative Subliminal Messages portrayed in Music now a days. I wish artist would pay more attention to the Lyrics and their effects on Generations to Come.
    The song is super catchy and the way you dissect the Lyrics bring to surface all kinds of awareness to situations I had honestly not paid attention to.
    Great Piece!

  9. just to play the devil's advocate here… what if these women's desire for sexual fulfillment and as you put it "sacred healing" does not involve riding home w/ some stranger they met in a club? what if the alcohol is there to bypass the natural, sober logic that causes a woman to be more selective about who she chooses to lay down with so that the night of healing is not practically erased by a feeling of abandonment or being not just easy, but used and then tossed to the side… when what she really wants is loving sex, not some dude plying her with liquor so he can get it in… what if the liquor allows her to lower her standards to the point where it doesn't matter anymore whether the person she shares her body with gives a damn about her once he busts his nut? just my opinion…

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  11. Great article. I have had experiences with men, who after drinking, allowed themselves to get more affectionate and show emotion. Made me realize that many people hide their emotions, just like there can be people who hide their sexual energy until they drink. xo

  12. Greetings! Adoration for your astute assessment of Jamie Foxx's song! AND so too true that the natural sexual expression for women has been repressed, abducted and crippled due to this society. However, it is also true that for women sexual bonding opens a gateway between them and the man they have intercourse with, hence the term, "inter-the-course!" It isn't natural or healty or even freedom for any woman (or man for that matter) to indiscreminately havee sex withh a stranger, no matter how great the 'need for expression' is! Sexual freedom is certainly in need of re-awakening and so is the greater need of True and Pure Sexual bonding between two people willing to committ to each otherse Sacredness.


  13. Very interesting post! While I dont agree with all of yoyr lyrical interpretations, I also believe that women in America, in particular Black women, are far too repressed! I will try to come back and read your blog further – its good.


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