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10 Clues That Men Need Love Coaching


Men – if you are having any one of the symptoms below – CALL JUJUMAMA!  We can work it out so that you can have the respect you so desire!

10 clues that men need a little loving support in the relationship department:

1.  You have often found yourself calling women ‘golddiggers’ and wish to have an independent woman who will not need you to secure her or take care of her financial needs.

2.  You have often desired your mate to be the sexual aggressor.  Your libido is not so steady and you need her to show you that she wants you a little bit more.

3.  You had a controlling and dominant woman or grew up in a single household.  Sure, you think your mom did a great job ‘holding it down’ playing both the woman and the man.  But you now see that she was stressed out and there was nothing you could really do about it, if fact, you may feel you were a burden.

4.  You have in the past carried multiple relationships without being in integrity and sharing with the women that you are not a one woman kind of man.  You find yourself just led to go outside of your relationship secretly.  What can you say?  Right?

5.  You have a strange sense that you are not the marrying type.  You have never been able to commit to a woman and honor that commitment by staying mentally attuned to that woman.

6.  You do not feel it your job to appease and satisfy your woman.  You resent her need for your attention, time an energy.  You do not know how to appease her emotionally.  You feel afraid of her emotion and drained by it.

7.  You have become physically violent with a woman.  You feel that she deserved it.  You could not control yourself then, and it may happen again if she tests you.

8.  You are secretly jealous of your woman due to her career success, personal wealth, or intelligence.  You feel defeated just knowing that she makes more money than you.  You wish that she would sit down and be quiet.  You feel you cannot take over the finances or step into the leadership role, you just fume inside.

9.  You are secretly angry at women.  You resent the fact that you may be rejected if you become the aggressor because you feel you’ve failed a few times – besides she won’t listen.  You hate women who reject you, yet you always attract women who reject you.

10.  You have a hard time communicating with women effectively.  You always keep your feelings and thoughts on the inside.  She needs to just guess and she will probably guess wrong but that is not your problem.  You have your own way of keeping everything inside and you live in your own little world that no one can access.  Besides, you just don’t trust women.  Period.

If you have any one of the traits, let’s talk – you can re-create your relationships!

A man is a leader, warrior, negotiator and monk.  He is willing to go to the ends of the Earth for women, and he feels it his job to protect all women in a dignified manner.  He knows that if he is masculine that she will be feminine then he benefits from her presence rather than loathing it.  Sound ridiculous?  Call us!

Many women today are YANG, they have taken on male traits, and just the same, men have taken on Yin traits.  This pattern must be reversed in order to make a dent in the divorce rate which is a staggering 58% here in the good old USA!

As well, women are not orgasmic anymore in the bed with men.  Why is that?  We are talking two ends of the polarity spectrum here, if both parties are out of whack energetically, living in pseudo selves due to past pain and internal misery, there will be no path to sexual fulfillment.  The path to bliss is about energetic alignment, energizing both masculine and feminine!

JujuMama LLC provides rebalancing that actually boasters the confidence of males, providing the environment for masculine energy to be reborn.  As well, we deal with trauma that men have faced, such as, mothers who are controlling, pain about loss of a parent, internal drama due to lack of masculine training.

School is for girls.  Boys are made to sit, and be quiet, in school, which jades the physical~ness of his natural self.  Men have to be reopened to this physical nature, this will expand the sex drive and allow men to view themselves as aggressor again.  Women are choosers, men get chosen, and when they do, they are honored to serve, protect and enjoy women.

It’s not old fashioned, it is Quantum Science – masculine and feminine are real.  In relationships, there must be a placeholder in each of these roles.  If not – trouble!

JujuMama also provides Lacing services to men.  This is a very sexy four hour session in which men are able to free the old internal program in exchange for a new past, a new present and a new future.  You would have to try it to believe it. Shift your money patterns to make more cash!  Shift your sexual patterns to be a confident leader and lover!  This is all infinitely possible with JujuMama!

You deserve it!

Call Jujumama Today

Let’s heal ya’ll!


JujuMama xoxoxox

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2 thoughts on “10 Clues That Men Need Love Coaching

  1. This list is so true and I can say that my king is defiinitely a King and he gets treated as such as I Queen gets treated as such also, but i find that those men who have issues with women at least with my husband sometimes have issues with their mom and so forth that they continually work through until they find that woman who is willing to work with them through that issue or whatever the issue is. JujuMama continue to work your magic!

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