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If You Want Him Hard Then Be Soft…


It’s so hard when I have to, and so easy when I want to.  ~Annie Gottlier

This is the secret key to love…

Ladies, I have heard some women complaining that their man is not willing to give up enough of the good stuff.  I even speak with women in their 20′s and 30′s stating that their boyfriends are unable to perform at various moments in time.


Well please note – there is an easy cure for this.  I spoke about it in detail in my article on Viagra. However, here is the short version.  If you want your man to be hard, you have to be soft.

It is really just that simple.  You cannot run about all day bossing him around, complaining, being tough, independent, irritated and even hurtful with your words or actions and then expect for him to make love with you, or WANT to make love with you.  Sure, you can expect him to do so, but if he is holding on to inner rage about your arrogant and disrespectful behavior, he will not be able to perform.  Over time this looks like erectile dysfunction, but guess what?  He only has it with you!  LOL! So it ain’t real!

Girl, I have been there and done that in my years of monogamy (I’ve been married since I was HOT and 21!!!).

It is not fun, and it is hard to accept that the cause of his “issue” may be some behavior on your part.  But once you take ownership for your entire life, including the way that others treat you, you will become empowered to change anything about any relationship with a mild shift in your own behaviors!  Sound too hard?  Well try living with an erectile dysfunctional man for a few more years and then come back to this post and try following this advise.

I think you will then kiss me!

Try this trick to get some good stuff this weekend:

1.  Do not complain about anything.  For those of you who don’t know that you complain, it is when you mention anything that you feel is going badly, even if you use a sweet voice.

2.  Try to make one comment per hour about how fabulous you feel and how happy you are.  Out loud ladies, and to your man.

3.  Touch your man when you speak to him.  Feel his muscles and say WOW!  Just out of the blue – WOW!

4.  Smile at your man.  Whenever he comes into the room, smile at him.  Even if he is cursing and griping, smile at him.

If you try these four little tricks today, you will see a change in his level of readiness for whatever sensuous delights you enjoy by tomorrow!  LOL!  We control the intensity of that little ole thing.  We are a man’s greatest Viagra!  If you want help being feminine join the Blue Butterfly Group or check Personal Coaching… also my book Change Your Man is great for this!


Love you

Juju xoxoxox


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One thought on “If You Want Him Hard Then Be Soft…

  1. Wow, I just complained and I was supposed to be seeing him tomorrow. I will be sweet tomorrow. Maybe I'll get some and maybe I won't. Dang! thanks for the lessons… thanks for the lessons.

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