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Men: Stop Thinking It’s Just You

Thought It Was Me by Bell Biv Devoe – 1985

I was listening to this song the other day and thinking what an interesting subject it makes.  Why do men feel that if a woman is warm, fuzzy, blissful, orgasmic, and happy with him that she should not be this way with ALL men, ALL people, in fact!?  Why would a man want a woman who is happy with him and then indifferent to the rest of the world?  Can she be happy, blissful and free in general?  Or just with him?…

A while ago, I pondered my use of the word “King” to describe all men.  On twitter I have loads of friends.  I call them King.  Some say – “oh hush – you say that to all the guys”.  Of course I do!  And I call all women Goddesses or Queens.  What is the issue with that?  Why is it that a man would want me to call him ‘king’, solely?  Are men as addicted to owning a woman’s heart, body, soul and mind as modern women are fixated with the notion?  This is a hoot!  LOL!

Here is the real thing – this Bell Biv Devoe song states that he ‘thought it was him’ that MADE this girl so wild.  But come to find out she’s like that all the time… and with all the guys…

So what is wrong with being orgasmically blissful all of the time, and with all guys?  I’ll tell you what!  It’s better than being depressed all of the time.  And that is the truth, Ruth!

But this song tells us a lot about the modern love situation… Created in 1985 – the sentiment still rears it’s head from time to time.  I mean I do feel it in my own personality.  Why is my husband smiling like that at her?  Why is he so happy to see her?  When all the while, the Universe wants us to be happy at all times, in all moments and with all people!  Even women have this right, or so I thought.

In the old paradigm, which is slowly giving way to the new, men had a few ideas that do not sync up with the actuality of female sensuality!  I like that – The Actuality of Female Sensuality…

Here are the issues with trying to get your woman to smile for you and only you.

  1. If you try to make that happen and she shuts down her attraction for every other man on the planet except you – you have to realize that now she is suppressing, which ain’t healthy and will blow up later.  Anything held in eventually comes out in ugly ways like her cussing your ass out all the time, and being an angry B.
  2. If you attempt to force her not to look at another man, not even a friend with admiration, you will eventually turn her away from you!  How?  She will depend on your for everything… and you’ll get sick of her,  but you caused it, man.
  3. If you try to get her to honor you by forcing her to shut down her natural capacity to love all, you will shut down love in general.  So not only will she be cold toward others, essentially she must also become cold toward you.

Boys, Boys, Boys – let us try to move beyond it.  Women have had to get over it for centuries now – deep down we know that we cannot own you or your love… now it is your turn!  Check Mate!  But we will always love you – honor you – we respect you with all our hearts!  ALL of you!  tee hee hee

A better way to get the respect, honor and love you desire is to Tame Your Woman with masculine energy.  You can have it, but you cannot own it!  You can create it but it is not yours!  Love is for all the world to share.  We human beings need as much of it as possible!  So let’s go boldly together into the new – luscious – paradigm.  Can one own the sun, moon or stars?  Get free darling!

Some very interesting, and delightful Europeans believed they could own this land called America… AND a few million people from a Tropical continent… how is that working out?  Last I looked, this was the most culturally, racially, diverse, and bountifully free, countries in the world!  And check out the president!

Give it up folks!  Ownership of others is dead.  Make way for a loving new day!  Come on, think of it, it’ll be fun!

Time will not wait… The time is now… We are essentially ONE.

Bliss and Light!



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One thought on “Men: Stop Thinking It’s Just You

  1. It's interesting you should post this on Monday. The previous night was definitely about the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine being rebalanced. And yes, that means knowing how to Love all. How intimate we chose to be with each is still a matter for debate at the moment but there is deep truth in that: how can we be called to everybody, day after day and turn it for just a few hours for only one person? Until we can resolve this gracefully and respectfully, there will be anger and depression for sure. We are meant to flow with Love, we are meant to feel it, to live it. Thank yo uagain Kenya!

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