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Ancient Tantric Wisdom Transforms Modern Love

Can you guys believe this?  In my ‘Lovely’ post I talked about the important role of ancient cultures in the shaping of modern ‘new age’ thought. Recall that I had a pet peeve about it… Well no sooner do I give up that annoyance and decide to submit, than I get the link to this article… check this out!  This rocks!  Click Here to read the Original Post by Divine Caroline…


Article Excerpt:

Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, North American Quodoshka, and others [Egypt, Nubia, Dogon... LOL!], hold secrets to creating fulfilling love and intimacy that are not known to the Western world. One of these ancient traditions is Tantra, which was born over 5000 years ago in East India and practiced by people that called themselves tantriks or tantrikas. You might wonder “What is it and how does it work?”

Here is a taste of what it’s all about: In the Western world we look at our bodies, relationships and life in a way that is often compartmentalized. For example, we think of sexuality being separate from spirituality—as manifested in our bodies and our practices. In Tantra, a possibility is offered that teaches how to integrate one’s sexual with one’s spiritual energies. This allows for a divine experience with oneself and ultimately with a partner. Rediscovering our innate energies that are sexual-spiritual in nature we then are able to express ourselves more fully—free from constraints and habitual patterns, e.g., shame, guilt, fear, suppression or obsession. And this in turn allows us to experience our full potential of pleasure and creativity.

In learning about Tantra many years ago, I experienced a big opening namely the connection and integration of my pleasure self with my divine being. This rediscovery is one of the fundamental breakthroughs Tantra offers and now I witness these breakthroughs in our students at the TantraNova Institute all the time.

Click Here to Read the Rest of the Article…

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I Love Sex!
I Love Sex!
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One thought on “Ancient Tantric Wisdom Transforms Modern Love

  1. I'm really gonna try to do this. I'm naturally a very flirtatious person but its just so difficult for me to just flirt with all men in general! That's a lot to ask! You're right about some of their situations not being attractive to me, such as their car, their financial status, or their looks. I'm so shallow right? I do wish to love people at their essence so that is why I'm going to give this a try.

    I'm single and I don't want to be, so I need a different approach. Obviously whatever I was doing previously is not working…

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