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Are Your Genitals Armored?

This is an interesting article that I found… I love the Examiner – such an open minded post…


Armoring is a process whereby past traumatic experiences are stored in the body’s muscle tissues. What happens is that the body’s tissues harden, creating tension and blocking energy flow to the area that was traumatized. (The Art of Sexual Ecstasy)

Article By:  Luminessa Enjara

In general your entire body is armored. This usually starts at an early age, even during infancy. To the degree that we as babies and later children feel safe, loved and cared for, is the degree in which we begin to develop armoring…


Child rearing up until the last 50 years often included things like spanking or letting a baby cry for long periods of time without being touched. These may sound archaic to you now but there was a time when this was the normal way to raise a child. So much of our armoring develops over the course of a lifetime in many different ways. Wilhelm Reich a colleague of Freud, was one of the first to discover body armoring or structure characteristics.

The body’s intention by armoring itself is to protect itself from pain. When the genitals become armored you will have either a reduced level of sensitivity or an increased sensitivity in them. They are also a major storehouse for negative imprinting which results in reducing your ability to receive pleasure. As mentioned in my previous article, Sexual Healing for Women, traces of every negative sexual imprint or unsatisfactory sexual experience has been recorded and stored in the muscular tissues of your genitals, which builds up tension in that area over time.


For men, circumcision, religious beliefs of guilt and fear associated with masturbation, sexual abuse, clumsy prostatic examinations as well as the forced “masculinity” of teaching men to thrust forcefully in lovemaking, contribute to genital armoring. Armoring for men can show up in a variety of ways. It can cause the penis to lose a great deal of sensitivity so that it requires extremely strong stimulation to achieve arousal, or by contrast, oversensitivity, a “don’t touch me” stance. Armoring also manifests for men as tension in the anal sphincter muscles as mentioned in my last article on the Male Sacred Spot Massage.

In women, armoring can occur by guilt associated with masturbation, sexual abuse, forceful male fingering, sexual intercourse without sufficient foreplay, making love when you don’t feel like it, failing to reach orgasm, having an abortion, or undergoing a caesarian birth or a hysterectomy.

Margot Anand has come up with a map for genital armoring and a few questions you can ask yourself. Think about them slowly rather than giving them a reflex response.


Were you forced into sexual intercourse or sexual manipulation at an early age, before you were ready?

Have you ever made love because your partner was turned on, even though you didn’t feel like it?

Have you ever felt your partner left you “hanging in midair” while he was already “over the edge”?

Have you ever faked an orgasm?


Have you ever made love as a performance, even though you had no enthusiasm for it?

Have you ever found yourself so busy giving pleasure to your partner that you forgot about your own pleasure?

Have you ever found that you could not masturbate to orgasm unless your movements were “hard and fast”?


During sex have you ever found to your dismay that you couldn’t feel anything “down there”?

Have you ever made love as a way of avoiding confrontation with your partner or covering up your anger?

Have you ever believed that everyone else was sexual and orgasmic, while you were lagging way behind, feeling just a trickle of a satisfaction?


If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you probably have some genital armoring. Remember also, that these questions may not reflect everything that can cause genital armoring.

If you do feel you have some armoring, and many people do, you may wish to look into doing some sexual healing work around being de-armored. A wonderful but challenging week-long training for this is with the Metis Deer Tribe’s warrior training which is designed specifically to de-armor your entire body, including your genitals. You can also work with your partner using some of the healing techniques I have written articles about, both sacred spot massage techniques I have written about help to de-armor the genitals, or see a sexual healer. Any psychological attitudes that have developed from your sexual experiences will also have a chance to be healed and released with this type of work.

When a woman’s yoni or vagina, is healed it is soft and naturally yielding, welcoming, allowing a sense of trust and playfulness in lovemaking. She will be open to receiving the love of her man. When a man’s penis is free of armoring and he has healed his lingam or penis it will be more flexible, warm, and vibrantly alive when erect. He will also feel more open and receptive, relaxed and playful during lovemaking.

I hope that you have found this article informative and that it will assist you in discovering and healing any genital armoring you may have.

I most certainly have!  It’s Jujumama – Love you Luminessa!  You ROCK!

Tantra Jamaica as well as our traveling Tantra and Relationships BlissShops also address armoring and show the technique we use (Lacing) to work out past trauma… we’ll talk more about that soon!


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4 thoughts on “Are Your Genitals Armored?

  1. Kenya,
    This is timely. I was made aware of this by my Naturopath. This is one way women manifest fibroids or other female imbalances. . . .hard stoney places of unprocessed pain, grief and repressed creativity. Accepting and releasing our sexuality and is key to totally accepting our feminine power. It's a healing process yet no easy feet at times.

    In my work, I find many women unwilling to even embrace that concept because the patriarchal theology is good for teaching women NOT to. (ex: Proverbs 31 Woman) Thanks for your work and contribution in this.

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