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The Progressive Love Movement

What is JLA’s Progressive Love Movement?

The Progressive Love Movement is the CORE of JujuMama’s Love Academy!  We are excited to share this healing love with the world.  JujuMama’s Love Academy offers courses, media, online manifestation systems, coaches training and love coaching!

Please become a FREE member of JuJuMama family today… we appreciate you very much for doing so.  In fact, all members receive a free copy of our eBook!  Live it up!  Enjoy this moment in time.  Progressive Love on the rise!  xx

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10 thoughts on “The Progressive Love Movement

  1. Great Breakdown of the foundation and purpose :)

    "in life the great thing is about opportunity is that if you miss one, they will keep coming to you until you take it"….so if you keep missing your opportunity to learn and grow from a situation, you will keep getting presented with it

    you either find yourself going in circles with one person , or going in a circle dealing with the same thing with different people, or becoming stuck when you refuse to move

    I feel the progressive movement :)

  2. AWESOME!! Thank you so much for sharing Kenya!! Love watching you on video .. you're so dynamic, expressive, and your laugh is contagious!! Keep it up! xoxo

  3. Same guy keeps coming into my life! the last relationship ended before we had completed our lessons..he's 28 & I'm 52 and the age difference (maturity-wise) was just too great. He wasn't as advanced as he needed to be to see what was happening between us, even though I tried to explain it to him. New partner is so similar, it's almost scary. He's 10 yrs. older than last guy & very very open. He & I are both number 7's and have discussed this at great length. We have similar lessons and we both know it. He's further along in some areas & visa versa & we both enjoy the learning:)

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  5. what is progressive love exactly? Give me your 'elevator speech' please. People ask and I really don't know how to answer them.

    • Progressive love is… hmmmm… that's a good question. Perusing the blog to answer this question myself. Looking for something to put in the community. When I know, then I'll come back here and let you know.

    • I haven't watched this video for a long time. But I believe this was as good of an elevator speech as will be gotten. In the video that is.

      Let me try to create an elevator speech for it. Progressive Love is about growing in relationships where no one can hurt you and you can not hurt anyone. All that is done good or bad is for your growth and you can grow beyond it if you decide. So, keep your relationships and grow in love. Love becomes pure when there is negativity to face otherwise there is no need for love.

      Does that sum it up?

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