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If you are reading posts here at JujuMama, or hanging out at our pages or Twitter feeds… you are a game changer for sure!  You may have grown up as the Black Sheep in your family.  I know this because JujuMama attracts Indigo Adults ~ we are evolved people. Clearly, we are not sheep, black or otherwise.  We are actually the Way Seers… the ones who are making change on the Planet.  We set the tone for a new world of pure love and abundance.  So here is a small warning:

Do not follow the Sheep mentality that would have you planning your goals or “resolutions” in December.  January 1st does not mark a New Year.  Discover the real Solar Calander that sets you up for success!

New year’s resolutions are for the sleeping masses.  Here’s the skinny:

Let’s look at the year of the farmer…

September 21st is the Fall Equinox.

This is the BEGINNING of the year.  This is the time in which farmers begin to think about the success or failure of last year’s crops. Farmers look at the fall harvest and begin to think about what needs to happen for better crops next fall.

After the fall harvest – Farmers don’t moan and eat and sit on their asses until “New Years Day” – waiting to plant seeds in the snow!  And this is why:

They’d miss the opportunity to #Plan and #Plant for next year ~ fall is the time to do this.  How is the opportunity missed if not seized in fall?  Simple! Farmers have to Plant the seeds that will spring up into crops next summer ~ IN THE FALL!

From September 21 – December 21 farmers are Planning and Planting!  

If you live in a rural community you’d know this.  Farmers don’t wait until spring to plant, maybe a gardener would do that… But real farmers plant new seeds before the ground freezes December 21, the first day of winter!  The seeds are placed into the Earth to be nurtured all winter in the warmer regions underground, below the snow.  In this way, they are prepared to sprout in spring!

So what does this have to do with you and your goals?


This is what we do with Premier Members of our Love Academy every year!  We take them on a step by step process to Plan & Plant their goals in the fall. People who wait to plant seeds or “new years resolutions” at New Year’s Eve are sleeping on universal law. How? Because by the time the ground freezes over in winter, the mental ground is also frozen.  The mental ground is your psychic or sub-conscious soil.  Your mental soil is the same as that of Planet Earth – it flows with the seasons just as the rest of your body does… right?  I prove this is a fact below… but think about how sluggish you feel in the winter as opposed to summer… think on that!

Planning your objectives & desires for the New Year (which means for next fall) must take place the previous fall ~ just like the big time sexy farmers…

So this is pretty sad ~ grab your tissues.  Someone, somewhere, is fat dumb and happy and laughing at the masses for trying to plant the seeds of change into frozen ground.

And did you know that only 15% of New Years Resolutions are kept??!  YES!  Most of them fail, and it’s not because people are bad, or have an issue sticking to goals, or don’t deserve success.   It’s because the mind is like the Earth!  The mind is frozen solid by January 1st!

I can prove it.  Look at the rate of winter depression.  So many people go through it.  But it isn’t depression at all, it’s the solid ice taking over the human mind for winter hibernation! If we knew how to handle this, which we do here at Jujumama, we’d simply do things in winter that are appropriate for frozen solid minds… You know, we’d reflect, nourish ourselves, rest, sleep longer hours, and explore the frozen mind…  basically we’d veg out like all the other mammals… or most at least.  We’d accept the winter mind lag rather than trying to continue working and living at the same rate as summer.  Right?

Well, that’s if we lived in a more harmonious cultural paradigm.

Is this concept to deep for for western minds…?? 

Work school, it all continues.  Which keeps us asleep on a treadmill of movement~less motion.  This is why dreams die, because they are not cultivated properly.  They are taken over by the constant motion we experience as our normal daily lives…

Not us!  Not here!  It’s time we get in tune with the natural eight (not four) seasons of the year… here at JujuMama we provide a way to do just that!

Progressive living is about Progressive thinking!  Do not wait until New Year’s Eve to plant your seeds for next summer’s bloom and next fall harvest.  Be smart.  Join us to plant your seeds LIVE this fall!  This is your time.  And time is on your side!

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Check this video of a couple who made 100k and decided to live off the grid, they followed their dreams and get off the treadmill… will you?

Oh… and here is the audio we sent our members last fall… Are you ready to be that supreme farmer and harvest your dreams into reality next fall?  Sure you are!

Love and Light to you!


Carl and Kenya Stevens, CEOs

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  1. snoorh

    All my adult life, whatever happened in November and December set the tone for my future (including planting my first 2 kids then) and I never knew why until I heard of all this 2 years ago!
    Makes so much sense now.

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