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Hay lovers!  We’re so excited to present to you Argument Resolution Tantra – a new movie from UnCut Juju!  We call it UnCut Juju because the entire 45 minute session was recorded without edit, script, cutting or pasting much of anything.  It is totally raw!  This trailer gives you an idea of the conflict my husband and I had to resolve.  It’s a BIG one, right?

But the significance of the movie is that men can easily discover the keys to taming an irate woman.  I was clearly irate and what happens in the 45 minute version is that my husband uses water, tantra, touch and aura play plus some cool Nitvana Tantra from the master himself, Shantam Nityama, to heal me and then I in turn with my receiving of him, HEAL and nourish HIM!!!

This is a wonderful peice of film.  The full length version is available on our book store site over at LULU.  Should be up by December 25th end!  We’ve been working like crazy to get this holiday gift to you!

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3 thoughts on “i2Tantra MOVIE TRAILER

  1. Very excited about getting this video. Love the Tantra! I didn't even think to use tantra to end arguments. Lovely! I'm going to definitely enjoy this class and this work.

    I will be picking back up my massage therapy license and even teaching at a school. This will be very beneficial for my students and clients. Thanks.

    Today is my day to catch up with everything so, lets hop to it. bye.

  2. Oooooo…yummy! Thank you for being two of the worlds beacons of light… We are sooo excited to learn this lesson! My man has been cooling me with tantra more and more, and it is SOOO divine! I remember dreaming of this love as a child.

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