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Stroke Her!

This is the most relevant shit I have seen all freaking YEAR – beyond the stuff coming from JujuMama in 2010 – 2011 – OMG! Watch this and tell me what YOU pull from it.  Here is what I pull from it!  If women are angry, fat, lazy, old, tense, sexually shut down, rigid, inflexible, sterile, sick in the head – then guess what – STROKE HER!

Give her your full attention, put a flashlight on her shit and talk to her about how beautiful she smells, looks, feels and IS in her Pussy!  Stroke her with your hands, and learn i2 Tantra to stroke her with your ENERGY!  Make that woman into a GODDESS… you’ll be doing nothing less than saving the world.  This is the bottom line, real deal, straight up truth.  This is the only truth left.  I promise you.  Meditate on that and leave your own comments, discoveries and so forth below… I love you.

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3 thoughts on “Stroke Her!

  1. I learned this practice at OneTaste a few years ago, and introduced it to my partner with a few additions from More University, BodyElectric, and my own imagination.
    She loves it.
    We regularly spend an hour on her pleasure – and the way she repays my attention is delish :-)
    If you are near SF, take the course. If not, get the book.
    Either way – start practicing asap.
    It's a very worthwhile investment.

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