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How to Tame Your Woman

How do you know you are a man?  Is it because you’ve reached the age of 21?  Is it because you have a job or graduated from college?  Maybe it’s because you’re married now.  Maybe that question becomes clearer when we know how to define a MAN.

“…a boy cannot become a man until he has healed a woman.” – Tame Your Man

Although we live in a male dominated culture we shouldn’t think that because we are male we automatically become MEN.  It doesn’t work that way.  Boys are cultivated and ultimately initiated into MANHOOD.  That’s just the way life works.  There’s never a free pass.  Never an “Advance to Boardwalk” card; you have to earn it.

Never has this been made more clear to us than in our relationships.  It’s here that we see first hand our shortcomings as men.  It’s here that we are challenged to the very core of our being.

Tame Your Woman offers a very clear perspective on the four primary masculine traits that men must at least be aware of in order to have success in their relationships as well as other areas of their life.  You will learn about the Monk, Leader, Soldier, and Negotiator masculine talents that will, in one way or the other, play a role in your life and relationship.

Additionally, I talk about…

  • Why men don’t COMMIT in relationships
  • How to identify when you are being mentally and/or emotionally abused in your relationship
  • The importance of healing your wife/girlfriend through sex and intimacy
  • How to respond to your wife/girlfriend when her behavior is out of balance
  • Understanding how you may really feel about your mother and her relationship with your father

Men, tame your inner woman today so that you can bring out you true man and have the respect you desire from the women in your life today.

Order Tame Your Woman today!!!  Available on Amazon.

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