Massive Hysteria about Will and Jada

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Tuesday was the big day.. right?  Earthquakes, Hurricane news and suddenly Will and Jada had split!  For five full hours our minds were fed this story allegedly reported by an ‘insider’ at In Touch Magazine… This lunacy lasted until late in the afternoon when Will and Jada issue a statement:  “Our marriage is in tact…”

Are we to believe this rumor about Will and Jada was simply a mistake? Yeah right.  I’m not one who believes that a group of people, somewhere in a dark, smokey, room, are smart enough to pull off some conspiracy.  No way.  I believe we actually create our lives!   I believe we are mass consciousness, creating what we see in the news each day with our expectations – we create these events.  So if there are some men in a room planning, we placed them there, they reflect us – our expectations.  But they aren’t smarter or more powerful than any of us…

I feel we as a world human race create events together – as mass consciousness.

What seems to be happening currently is that humans have shifted and are moving swiftly toward a new paradigm of Universal Love and Oneness.  I believe people all over the world are stripping away fearful precepts, remnants of overtly religious, fear-based traditions of the past 6-10 thousand years.  We are now, as a race of beings, replacing dogma with light, even if sub-consciously at first.   We embody a new bravery called : Evolutionary Thought/Progressive Thought.  We are ready to transcend!

I truly believe this…

  • We stand ready to re-integrate sensual and spiritual energy!
  • Ready to rid ourselves of fear based processing like jealousy, envy, insecurity, and ownership concepts.
  • Ready to replace lack based philosophy with abundance based thinking.
  • Ready to believe that there IS enough for everyone!
  • Ready to find ways to ensure love, food, water, resources and comfort to everyone on the planet…

So when I see something so blatantly non-sensical as this, I know it is our creation…Watch part one and two…

We’re amazing…

So in terms of Will and Jada – and with Mercury in retrograde – we created this news snafu to ask ourselves again:

  • Is real and lasting love really possible?
  • Is this kind of non-ownership love really feasible?
  • Is this kind of love something I can attain?
  • Is this kind of love something we can hold onto in our sub-minds?
  • Should we really create this here on Planet Earth – each of us – and at any time?
  • Should we really create this kind of new love, new abundance, should we follow this model?
  • Can we trust this, for real?  For real for real???

As long as Will and Jada were together…  We were believing it for the first time.  We were seeing Will and Jada, their love, their abundance, their children, their ingenues projects… They had become a powerful beacon of hope for us.   We had been wondering, but finally became convinced, that they are factually in an actual open relationship – We were receiving more and more proof!  We were thinking maybe – just maybe – this is something that could actually work for human beings.  We were on the verge of shifting!

Weren’t’ We?

On that verge the mind does funny things.  On that verge the doubt seems to surface…it comes up.  On that ledge of change, we waiver… On that cliff where Source has told us to jump, we wait… our faith is tested.

We created that glitch.  The Matrix is responding to us.

I welcome your thoughts…




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  1. Lovely Lady

    I’ve never read or heard them say they were in an open marriage. I think they Love openly and are open to anything in their relationship (maybe that makes it open lol) but if they were in an open marriage I’m sure they’d come out and say it. This from Jada?…

    “I don’t have an open marriage and no, we’re not gay – and you don’t trust that? Well then there’s nothing that I really have to say to anybody about anything, because at the end of the day, I’m living my life, and I’m happy.”

    But I digress…we more than likely created this ourselves, I agree. My wall was filled with people who were actually hurt that their marriage didn’t last and then there were others (sigh) who crucified them and said “see! see! told you it wouldn’t work”. But which side made this happen? The hopefuls, hoping for their marriage to work but at the same time fearful that it might not. Or the pessimists, hoping for them to fail so they can feel good about themselves and be proven right.

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  2. Tra Michael

    What amazed me about this couple from the beginning was the was Jada embraced Will’s ex and the older son. THAT right there was already transcendence in my book. So, them having an open relating perspective makes perfect sense to me. I have a blended family like that, and I’m here to tell you–grown folks egos are NOT conducive to that kind of behavior. Just getting folks to be cordial is tough, so what they’ve done with their family?? AMAZING… I’m glad it was just a rumor…

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  3. Rakhem Seku

    I don’t think Will & Jada have a true Open Relationship. Because they must both seek permission from each other to see, date, have sex with another, it creates an environment where insecurity can flourish.

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