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Blue Butter Fly Women

Progressive Love Begets Blue Butterfly Women…

Blue Butter Flies are the honorable, magical, beautiful, sensual, fully spirited women… All women have a Blue Butter Fly within.

Today I was going to write a post about Black Widow Spider women.  I was feeling particularly emphatic – calling out women who want to control everything, and own men, or be men.  These are the women who say things like, ‘I don’t trust a man as far as I can throw him… I’m too selfish to share my man’… ‘I’m too old school to change”.  Black Widow Spider women are still caught in the web of conditioning that has us non-orgasmic, fear riddled and generally lost in matters of the heart.

I wanted to write about Spider Women because I’ve created a scenario of dating a man who also dates a Black Widow Woman… Some men LOVE these kinds of women, the one’s who will check your phone, give you drama, and lock you down.  This one in particular has become livid at the prospect of my relating to this man.  The man in question is not even her boyfriend, he is simply sleeping with her. Ha!  This time, I am prepared.  This time I embrace my own inner Black Widow and find compassion for this woman… We should have patience with this woman, I am sending light and love…

Spiders are very important here on Planet Earth – not hater~ation.  And besides, I don’t have time to s]psychoanalyze Spider women… I want to focus on what I now create… I am a Butterfly!  I’m not getting caught in this spider’s web.

I’ve decided to define the new woman – the women of Progressive mindset.  The women who will shift the world.  These are Blue Butter Fly Women...

I call us Blue Butter Fly Women because we are just as magical as butterflies… we spend our youth as a caterpillar, hugging the Earth and Trees.  Learning & developing our senses, feeling like the Black Sheep ~~ daydreaming technicolor ~~ until one day, we feel the tight cocoon around our souls and make it burst!  When the cocoon finally burst – we open.  The tune of the Universe and it’s sweet oneness rings loudly in our ears and we know we must shift.  We no longer have to crawl for our lessons, we can now fly… and the flight is butter smooth.

What a Blue Butter Fly Woman has learned from her years of crawling and from the tight cocoon we endured is we are not who we thought we were… we are not what they told us we were, we intuit the new dream… we feel into the New Earth magic… we once had to beg, we once had to fight in order to survive… but with wings we now hover above Earth and visit when we choose.   We realized we are one with creative energy!  We know we create our lives… We live in heaven.

We release the stronghold of the intellect and open to fairy dust dreaming, we depend on sensuous trance and meditative vision to increase our gains… to smooth what we once thought were losses…

We relentlessly love, this is without the same fear we once created within.  We love in ways that move us away from a need to control, a need to be right, and an incessant need to give until we are broken.  We become receivers…

We love because we must, our creamy love feels like acceptance, tolerance, spiritual support and sheer delight!  We love in ways that strengthen & free our Butter Fly Men.  We move in ways that support and encourage the males of our kind.  And the males adore us.  They flock provide light for the butter fly moon women… the Blue Butterflies!

Butter Fly Women sing… we sing songs of Progress, we sing songs of Freedom.  We view other Butter Fly Women, and even the Black Widow Women as a bonus to humanity, as a benefit to love and life… we unify with all women. We create co-loving/co-creative scenarios… even if not physically – yet – we do so with our minds, our spirits, our hearts… and we birth truth with our wombs.  We know that today – and in each moment – we all commune as one.

Blue Butter Fly Women do not depend on outside forces to make life bearable, to increase happiness, rather, we see all the insects in the garden, the sun in the sky, the rain, the storm, the everything as a collective symphony, an orchestra of light and darkness as just the right mix of what we need to attain and create what we desire…

Blue Butter Fly Women are in tune with the body, with nature, with art, with sensual delight which we see as the colors of the rainbow, launching us to higher heights… opening our awareness even more profoundly to unify with the all.  Our unification is orgasmic at all turns, the love we desire comes from everywhere, everyone, we feel and know that love has no limit – so we do not restrict it’s flow.  Butter Fly Women allow it.

Butter Fly Women are healers… and blue is our color at rest.  But we become Pink Butter Fly when we magnetize love, and Green Butter Fly when we magnetize wealth, an Yellow Butter Fly when we increase our beauty and care for our bodies… Rainbow butterflies when we see the bounty in all beings… even the Black Widow Woman.

We embrace what is real.  What we know for sure is that we are 100% responsible for the scenarios we see and live each day.  We own our thoughts, we own our delight, we own our pussies, we own our birth right which is indubitably to love and be loved, to live and let live, to acknowledge the goodness in everything and everyone.

The Black Widow Woman and her loathing – she has a place.  We honor that place.  She serves as a reminder to have grace, mercy and compassion… If we are with one of her men, we save him from eventual collapse.  We give him wings, and if he likes them, he uses them, it matters not to us his choice.  We are never out to sabotage any woman… We do not fixate on the end result as we know it will be:  This bliss we imagine … or something far greater… always.

And because we know that all male Butters love us… we have many male healers, many male suitors, many males who want to mate and create with us.  We do not limit love.  We resist no thing.  We open and embrace it all…

I could go on all day about Blue Butter Fly Women.  But I’d rather you give us more ideas.  You are here because you are a Blue Butter Fly.  You are creamy and moist and delicious.  You are centrifugal force aiding the melody of life… You are glistering gold in the sunshine, at the bottom of the river – you are the river – you are the moon.  You are to be harvested and sought out, valued and cherished.  You are Blue Butter Fly Women and Progressive Love is better for your presence… I invite you to share more… And I dedicate this song to you…

September 21 we will open a Blue Butter Fly | Progressive Love for Women group.  You’ll meet once a week for a support call with Jessica McMorris, Cn365 graduate and i2 Tantra Certified Goddess!  More information coming soon.  xo

Are you a Blue Butter Fly?  Join the Blue Butterfly Facebook Group!

Kenya K Stevens


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13 thoughts on “Blue Butter Fly Women

  1. Im still in my cocoon. Now, I know who I am. I am powerful beyond belief and yes that scares me. I can create my reality like no other. I need to have a long conversation with myself before I release myself from that cocoon. I have to be responsible to me…for once…so I can be responsible to the world. Now, I am finally patience with myself. I’ll join you soon my beautiful butterflies. =)

  2. I am embracing my beauty, good given talents and sexuality! I am in the cacoon phase, preparing to give birth to my Empire! Kenya your words touch my heart and inspire me to keep moving forward and enjoy being Authentic!

    Love and Light, Thank you!!! <3

  3. this was just so excelllent kenya!! you are really blissing me out. thank you for writing and understanding the capacity of women, all women, and even seeing value in the black widow spider. we are all one.

  4. Awesome! I would be interested in the group for women! i am hoping it fits my budget :) Any ideas on what the price would be (just curious) :)
    Thanks for all you do for us!! xoxo

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  6. Amazing, I was sitting at my desk today. Thinking the exact thoughts you have written done.. love it. I plan on following you on FB.

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