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Get This Base Move For Her Pleasure…

Are you Fucking Deaf?  Listen to the woman’s body!

So I’m a film maker right? And I went to film school right?  And when I wasn’t in class dreaming up blockbusters and ignoring the salty and bitter instructors teaching me, I would listen every now and again. So one lesson I can recall is that the most unforgiving slight in film is a slight in sound. That’s right an audio glitch. Static, a beep, or missing work, or worse still a dead spot in audio. It breaks the viewer from the experience completely, it is sound… rhythm that allows us to immerse ourselves into an experience of film, and to live there, be there in 3 D!

A break in that takes us out of the fantasy and back into “what the hell, this is so unprofessional.”  So you know that is what a lot of ladies are saying about us right, “what the hell, this is so unprofessional.”

When do the ladies say this? When you are engaged with them sexually….

When you break your beat, break your stroke, create a lapse in the rhythm all that emotional imagery wrapped in mental projection and orgasmic visualization just fell off a got dam cliff!

Yeah there are plenty of reasons why we stop…I get it, I’m witcha , but damn, is the drink worth the squeeze?  And truth is if she is not in tune with her body, or a talker, or a moaner… So she too is not giving you the clues and hints you need to know how and where to take your rhythm next.  Right?  Plus, you never knew how close you were to all kinds of vaginal “fantastic~ness”.  So both of you are in shock and expecting something more from this perfect set… well supposedly.

So look guys here is what you do – you need to have a base movement, I recommend about 2-3 inches in in a circle.  This can be done using just your hips which doesn’t feel so good that it makes you finish early (as that is a major reason many of us stop, to avoid finishing too early…  Ab strength helps that.) But the base movement above will keep her warm and in flow while you get your stuff together and re-engage. In fact at any time your not power stroking or wall stroking or stroking for friction building or pressure points or searching that is what you should be doing on a rhythm you can maintain.

Get that… on a rhythm you can maintain with ease. And while you are there engage her mind with some verbal stroking or by saying some really fly shit in Wolof or in Patois with that deep tone that says you mean business.

Here at JujuMama Men’s Stroke Skills we are all about functional training for optimal performance. Add Stroke Skills Course to your workout regimen and complete your fitness cycle, unless of course your biceps and shoulders are more important then the muscle you have downstairs.

Be about that work fellas.  Let’s serve these Progressive Women like champions… they deserve it.

Montique “Zstroke” Stephon




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