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This Woman’s First Tantra Time….

When I arrived here at Jujumama’s Website as a pure coincidental Google search I read about their i2Tantra Practices. How to manifest life via energy transferring and orgasmic bliss….

I was watching this particular tantra video: http://www.youtube.com/embed/5l4RMCnosR8.

Personally I thought the poor girl, looked like she was having a seizure – I’m a medical person lol… After reading and researching some more about tantra, tantric massage, etc. I became intrigued, I wanted to learn more……. I wanted a tantric experience damn it!

Ladies and gentleman. Let me disclose I just had my first tantric experience. Wowee Zowee!!!

My girls and I decided to have a massage date. Go to a spa and have a relaxing time. Well we went to this cute little spa in NJ… Got comfy, and were ready for some relaxation… I was the last to get my massage which I was kinda upset about because I had to wait so long. But, let me tell you, it was definitely worth the wait. Let me tell you, really worth the wait!

This sensual, muscular, dark, handsome, king led me to my therapy room. Like any other massage I’ve had in the past, I proceeded to undress, lay on my back, and blah blah blah. Don’t get me wrong, massage is wonderful and relaxing, but after this experience, I want nothing other than this kind of massage. I’m such a mess…

So this chocolate king, we will call him G-man, proceeded to let me know that since I had been so patient so long, that he would give me a complimentary extra 30 minutes – if that was ok with me. Ok with me? Of course it’s ok with me… (Since I’ve been taking courses with Jujumama I’ve been saying YES to a whole lot of everything!)

He began rubbing my arms, my neck, ohh my legs. My feet… Yummm I’m a mush when it comes to foot massage. Delightful!  He finished the front of my body, he asked me to turn, so smoothly I did. He massaged my legs – so full of tension since I’ve been trying to heal my lower back injury. He focused on my upper legs and did a pressure point thing on my gluts, all through the sheet of course. Wow this is getting good, I thought.

Then everyone’s favorite part and the main reason for a massage…the back…. Wow!! His strokes, he knew exactly where I needed his touch, he felt so warm, so firm…. I’m normally sleeping and snoring by this point of a massage, but his touch kept me present!  Then, all of a sudden, my lower back became connected to my womb… The contractions began, I began to squirm, grabbed the sheets… whoa.  He asked if he was hurting me.  I said, “Not at all.  You have healing hands”.  Kenya always talks about this healing man thang… lol!  Now I feel it!

So he continued stroking massaging pressing rocking my body. I became almost unconscious, my arms slipped off the table my legs began to shake and I felt the orgasm take over me… I thought OMG IM HAVING A SEIZURE!!!!! But this was sweeter than a seizure… I figured I’d relax.  He continued and even as I responded this way, he kept it  very professional.  I know he knew what just happened….But I don’t know if I did!

After it was all done, he stepped out gently and I dressed, stepped to the desk…… I felt a series of aftershock orgasms. My body was still shaking and mushy at the same time. He asked me to fill out some info. I couldn’t read, I couldn’t write. I felt ridiculous, so out of control.  His eyes told me he appreciated my responses.  That made me feel better.   Wow this was a first……

Thank you G-man I needed that! And thank you JujuMama for teaching the world that sex goes way beyond the genitals.  This masseuse was a healer in every sense of the word. But I suppose all men have this in them, when the woman is receptive to it.  This was my first tantric sex experience.  My love to this chocolate king. I will be seeing you soon……;)

Please be open to new experiences, check out the tantra educational info here at JLA’s website… I did and look what happened to me…. You never know, until you know…. You know? ;) I welcome your comments…..

In love and in light






Jhoselyn Thomas

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About Jhoselyn

Jhoselyn Catalina Thomas, (aka “The Diva RN”) is a natural empath and comes from a lineage of healers. Her desire to heal herself and others brings bliss to all those she encounters. A registered nurse with over 10 years experience in the health care industry, Jhoselyn has an acute sense of an individual’s needs by listening and feeling energies. Jhoselyn is a resident blogger for Jujumama and an active educator within the Progressive Love community. Her blog post titles include http://www.jujumamablog.com/2012/07/27/i-dont-need-a-man/#more-14306 http://www.jujumamablog.com/2011/11/27/discover-the-flow-of-your-puss-part-i/ She began furthering her education on energy work and completed the i2Tantra program and began studies in Reki. Enhancing her Tantra and Reki studies Jhoselyn has completed the Level One Grand Trine Course with Master Yao Nyamekye Morris. In addition, she will be facilitating a sex education seminar for women and teens with Jujumama. Her kind and caring nature combined with her natural abilities make her truly dynamic!
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15 thoughts on “This Woman’s First Tantra Time….

  1. Wow is all I can say. I will be starting massage school this Jan. and studying Tantra slowly right now. I so wish to be like the king who gave you Bliss.

  2. I always thought blogging was just graffiti with punctuation….not anymore :-) Congratz my queen….blogging is just another example of ur shining light & beauty….what a wonderful picture you paint with your words…keep it up…i heart you….xoxo

    • My King, my love…. Thank you for encouraging me to find myself….Always supportive and protective of my well being. I SPEAK YOUR NAME,…. xoxo

  3. Wow, sounds amazing, I am almost jealous. But I know with your guidance I can achieve something similar. So is it Gman, you, or a combination of both?

    • It was amazing thank you!!! Years of training on how to tune into the moment, still a work in progress…… You know I wonder the same, I’d like to think it was a combination of both energies meeting.

  4. I know this can happen for me but I squirm too much I try to control EVERYTHING :-/ I need my man to just practice on me so I can learn to relax.

    • I would try to control every move in the past…Try to be in that moment, just breath thru every move, it worked for me. Im sure your man will be happy to try and bring you that experience…. I am different since mine,lol

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