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Online dating… Progressive Love Style!


One in five relationships begin online. One in five!!!

Couldn’t believe that when I read it either. But then I began thinking why not. We live in an  era that allows us to be connected all the time. I myself manifested a connection online with one handsome, intelligent king…..;)

This got me thinking….. Could we apply the guidelines we are taught here on Jujumama Love Academy to online dating. Why not?

First lets talk about the fact that we only attract our mirrors.

It’s very simple, The Law of Attraction in metaphysics. Proven over and over again. So why wouldn’t it apply to our dating – being online or not? If we put our profile out there or just make a personal intention to meet someone new, we will find someone like us. Trust me, you can’t hide from this. So if you lie, you cheat, you are irresponsible with your time, if you don’t appreciate who you are, if you are possessive, or jealous, you will, my dear, find more of the same.  And vice versa, if you are truly ready for the love you seek, you will find a match who is as well…

Lets apply this to online dating. If you go to a site and fill out their information. A set of questions, that describe you best. Guess what the computer will do?? You got it! Find your mirror. Even the computer can figure this out.  So if you lie on your application about anything, you will find someone that lied about something on theirs.

This happened to one of my friends, who is happily married for 4 years with the guy who she met on-line. She lied about a small matter in her life i.e.: her hobbies, or interests… She met this guy and once they talked and got to know each others truths he had lied about his favorite baseball team or something in the like. She was like whoa! How freaky that we both lied about something like that? Well, now I know that it is not freaky at all. It’s just your mirror.

Now that you have put your true self out there, you have worked on those qualities you want your partner to display as your mirror image.

Lets talk about looks which is your physical money, honey!  Looks are currency!

You want to put your best looking self out there. Yes I know life shouldn’t be about looks. But let me ask you this:

Men: Don’t you want that hot mamacita with the beautiful body, the type of woman that keeps you on your toes?

Women: Don’t you want that papi chulo that will keep you daydreaming all day long?

HA! I thought so, and why not? You’ve worked on your inner beauty, you’ve done your innermwork here at JLA. Now lets work on the outer work. Look your best. Do your makeup, put on that fly suit, get your camera ready and click, click click away. Don’t show just your six pack, or your beautiful tatas. I mean show your beauty all around.

Good, now we are magnetizing our spiritual and physical mirrors. This is good….. Keep a positive mind, meditate on who you want, how you want them to make you feel… feel it. Act “AS IF” you have this desired looking person NOW! This is a very big motto here at JLA. If you act “AS IF” you have a great love life, your partner makes you happy, you look good together. Then you will experience this in your subconscious and you will start manifesting this in your life.  Learn more about the courses that teach how to achieve this goal here.

I will give you my own personal example… When my husband and I decided after 10 years to open our blissful relationship to others. I found Jujumama, used their programs, cn28, read their blogs, watch their videos. After clearing my mind of negative thoughts, I meditated on who I wanted to date, down to the very last detail. Handsome, smart, well traveled, honest, open, funny, a beast in bed ***giggles*** After continued work in myself and putting myself on Universe’s hands. It happened, an on-line Facebook request for friendship from a total stranger popped up. Jujumama teaches us to say YES!! To open yourself to new and exciting opportunities. And of course you are only attracting what and who you are. So I made a new friend, a gorgeous 6’1″ dark handsome, intelligent, funny, well traveled, amazing king of a man. ( Besos )

There you have it, let’s begin this online dating thing with brand new eyes. Hopefully soon Jujumama will have our own on-line dating site** (hint, hint)**. A site that will apply all the websites processes. Till then, work on yourself and what you want to see in others.  I promise, online dating is just as divine as any other kind!

Let me know your thoughts,

In love and in light,




Jhoselyn Thomas

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About Jhoselyn

Jhoselyn Catalina Thomas, (aka “The Diva RN”) is a natural empath and comes from a lineage of healers. Her desire to heal herself and others brings bliss to all those she encounters. A registered nurse with over 10 years experience in the health care industry, Jhoselyn has an acute sense of an individual’s needs by listening and feeling energies. Jhoselyn is a resident blogger for Jujumama and an active educator within the Progressive Love community. Her blog post titles include http://www.jujumamablog.com/2012/07/27/i-dont-need-a-man/#more-14306 http://www.jujumamablog.com/2011/11/27/discover-the-flow-of-your-puss-part-i/ She began furthering her education on energy work and completed the i2Tantra program and began studies in Reki. Enhancing her Tantra and Reki studies Jhoselyn has completed the Level One Grand Trine Course with Master Yao Nyamekye Morris. In addition, she will be facilitating a sex education seminar for women and teens with Jujumama. Her kind and caring nature combined with her natural abilities make her truly dynamic!
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2 thoughts on “Online dating… Progressive Love Style!

  1. I am a married woman and I completely believe in online dating. I told my husband that if we didn’t end up together I would definitely date men online. IN this age of everything technology, why not meet a partner that way, but like Jhos said “You have to be honest.” with yourself, which is the most important thing. A lot of people get online and start fantasizing about the “perfect” mate. We put out what we want, make up things about ourselves to attract that perfect person, then realize that “Oh shit!” He’s flaky, but what if you are being flaky. Gotta remember you can’t expect your mate to have those qualities if you don’t. HOw can you expect your partner to have a six pack when you have flabs? I am guilty as charged, that’s why I signed us both up for exercise classes, cause I know “I cant expect him to be shit if I aint shit.”

    • Thank you dear! So true. If we work on our flaws and dislikes we will attract someone that is willing to work on their own flaws…

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