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What About Females Who “Abuse” Men?

This video is clearly pointing to higher science, Check it out!  So today I’ve decided to give a few clues about violence among men and women in modern relationships – which is at an all time high!  In fact, women resort to physical violence at a rate double to that of men! Did you know that?

My husband once told me:

American culture does not recognize or value feminine energy.  Modern culture only recognizes, thus can only praise or punish, masculine energy.  

~Carl Stevens

Feminine energy cannot be punished in a culture that does not recognize feminine energy. That’s like a group of invisible aliens doing highly impact~full, yet invisible, things on Earth and punishing them for it.  How would we?  We do not know the culprit and actually we do not know the crime, not exactly!  Such is the case for feminine energetic imbalances…

Let me break this down.  What Carl said is that the feminine energy has it’s own set of imbalances.  So there are balanced gradations of feminine energy and imbalanced gradations of feminine energy.  But without knowledge of these principles, they would not be detectable, let alone punishable – not that women should be punished for them, so much as educated.

Here are a few examples of such:

  • Out talking Over talking
  • Mental Abuse using repeated phrasing
  • Lack of support for something
  • Lack of surrender to law
  • Lack of surrender to pleasure
  • Lack of receptivity (cynical, sarcastic)
  • Lack of being smoothable, soothable

Some of you are wondering what the balanced feminine gradations look like, here they are: Supportive, magical, emotional, feelings oriented, soothing, flowing, flexible, pleaseable, internal, magnetic…  so forth.

What punishment is there for a woman who is being any of the bullet points listed above? Is there a focus group supporting women in being balanced femme?  Is there a focus group for men on how to deal with imbalanced femme, how to heal that woman?  No.

Usually women functioning in imbalanced feminine tire of the drama and lack of results… simply resort to using masculine energy, a far more recognizable form of power – hence the video above, we lash out physically!!  Some of us women even employ a combo pack of masculine imbalances and feminine imbalances in our relationships to maintain control and power.  This is skillful, right?  But not really cute anymore.

Let’s get to the point.  Men who hit women are clearly out of line – even if they are responding to her hitting him!  Men are clearly using the masculine energy in an imbalanced way when he raises his hands to strike a woman, for any reason… or so we are told.  Masculine energy in the balanced position is diplomatic, protective, stern, balanced, cultivated and so forth.  Masculine energy that is imbalanced becomes uncontrollably and irresponsibly angry, violent, loud, excessive and even tyrannical… a truly imbalanced masculine force can lead to death of another, homicide, so forth.  Oh and what a tragedy?  That big strong man taking his anger out on that poor helpless woman…  hmmmm…

Society is not accepting of this kind of show of force.  Yet society only recognizes this masculine energy and thus can only recognize masculine “crimes”.  If society were to wise up, we’d begin to recognize that feminine energy is just as powerful as masculine energy but in a different way.  When a woman exhibits feminine imbalances – being snide, rude, unreceptive and unsoothable, deplorable with her words – it’s just as destructive to the male body and psyche as his violence is to the female body and psyche.

You don’t believe me?  Check the science!  Words cause the PH level in the blood to change.  Negative words, words of lacking support, accusations and so forth cause the PH of the blood to become acidic harming the internal organs and shutting down the thinking due to decreased availability of oxygen to brain cells!

Don’t play with me – ya’ll.

For all the women saying,  ”He Hit Me!!” while not recognizing – just as main society does not recognize – the massive force of feminine energy and the fact we only attract our reflection… I feel for you.  If you are a woman and you think accusing him, not supporting him, being cynical, sarcastic an disrespectful to him, not trusting him and so forth is just fine, but his physical violence is unacceptable… I feel for you too.  If we do not begin to notice and recognize the power of masculine might as well as feminine magic we are as stuck as the status quo.  But we’re not going to let you be stuck.  Not here at JLA babe.

We have the courses on gender harmonics.  We wrote the books, Change Your man and Tame Your Woman – one for men an one for women on how to become cognizant of your gender powers.  We have the coaching and and the discussion groups and the support to bring men and women out of this lack of recognition of gender and into the harmonious bliss of Gender Harmony.  So there are no excuses here.

I love you forever…
Kenya K Stevens

PS:  Just to be clear. For any woman who is still saying “Hitting is worse” I am not condoning abuse, I am saying that the “abuses” of men and the “abuses” of women are equal.  To solve the issues of domestic violence which are mere symptoms of our non-education on gender harmony would be a viable solution.  No shame or blame, no victims of villains.  We should someday allow gender energies to work as they are meant to – in complimentary fashion… not in opposition.

Then and only then will domestic violence be a thought of the past.

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6 thoughts on “What About Females Who “Abuse” Men?

  1. I must admit. I’ve been guilty of both imbalanced feminine energy and resorting to male energy. I especially see it when I discipline my son. Being the only parent of a boy. I thought that resorting to male energy would help him to better “obey” me.

    I see here, that I am wrong. Okay, time to make a change within myself. Balance my feminine energies and allow the masculine energies in his life to do their masculine part.

    Glad to be a part of the JLA family! :)

  2. Hi Kenya,

    I’m really glad that you are educating on this topic. I’d like to hear about how to effectively utilize feminine energy when dealing with our children, especially our sons. When my son’s father and I were together, he handled all of the discipline (without yelling). He just had to speak and they obeyed. But now that I’m on my own, it’s been a challenge to maintain order without resorting to yelling (which I hate doing). And the more I yell, the more I have to up to ante. So, I’m doing my best to be more gentle, yet still firm. It’s real hard….

    I also know that women can really go for the jugular with their men, simply by using cutting remarks. Words do hurt! I know this first hand from the verbal abuse I received from my mother. Words can do more damage than physical violence.

    So, with men, I’ve tended to go to the opposite extreme, where I’ve been too soft. It’s a challenge to know how to be submissive without being a doormat.

    Anyway, great article!

  3. I remember when I first learned this concept of gender relating from you guys. It was something very new for me and it was hard to digest at first obviously because of how I was raised and what I have been conditioned to believe. However, I respect you all taking the time to point out something so very relevant and important for men and women relating to one another. I will admit that I am constantly learning that it feels easier to be imbalanced in my energies because I have never learned another way to exist. However, I am also learning how beneficial and healthier it feels when i take the time to respond to things in a way that leave me feeling empowered and not destructive. Hard concept to swallow. I am always working on it. But I have seen the positive results of at least trying to balance my feminine energies. The results are quite beautiful. Now I just have to make it constant and a normal part of my character. Feels like a struggle usually but it nice to know there are benefits to not downplaying or overusing my inner powers. Thanks Kenya!
    Sometimes its hard to be receptive to what you say but I realize your compassion is coming from a Divine place. Love you lots and thanks for sharing as always…..

  4. BEAUTIFUL!! BRAVO!!! TERRIFIC!!!! ALSO LOOOOONNNGGG OVERDUE!!! I’ve been saying this since Shaharazad Ali wrote “Black Man’s Guide to Understanding The Black Woman.”

    You could stay on this one for the next 10 years and not say enough.

    I LOVE IT!!!!


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