What’s Progressive About Barack Obama?

Well, first of all President Barack Obama is very sexy – so he gets an honorary Initiate Status here at the Love Academy!  Leadership and diplomacy is sexy.  I am no politician and will not quote pundits or site political particulars here in this article.  I want Progressive people to begin to recognize what Progression looks like and how it works in our Universe.

Obama ran on the mantra: Change.  We voted him into office.  On the night he won, the world shifted.  There was a huge unification celebration across the world.  Obama, just by running and winning, gave people Hope.  Many women cried on this evening, men too. These tears opened the way for a fresh energy to emerge.  It’s similar to getting a raise on the job, now you go in with a pep in your step, this is energy.  Let us learn to recognize energy.  This was a major gift of Barack Obama living his destiny, fearlessly.

The feminine energy or compassion and flexibility is exemplified through Obama’s rule.  He has not pleased many Democrats, Blacks and other “minority” groups here in the USA because of his concessions to the Republicans.  He has not pleased many Tea party Republicans, right wing groups and whites because of his ever so slight lean toward “socialism” or equality for all; or maybe he could not please the Right due to the color of his skin, plain and simple.

Whichever the case may be, President Obama is doing what he came to do – we all are. For those who believe he failed us, I implore you, check the micro version of his years in office, direct your attention to the energy that has been created, the opening made for Change – just as intended by Universal forces that made his presidency possible.  He has been brave to do this for everyone… It takes courage to do as he has.  And most important, we created him to live this purpose.  It’s sometimes frustrating that even Progressive people cannot see the beauty of his contribution to reality.

In my opinion the metaphysics of his underlying, unconscious, altruistic mission are simple:

  1. Bring the spirit of feminine compromise and Unity
  2. Excite the spirit of Hope
  3. Open the way for Change
This is his only mission.  For those who have ears to hear and eyes that open, allow these three objectives to sink into your spirit.  Can you feel resonance?For those who feel Obama was supposed to balance a budget, end the war, fix healthcare, stop the “recession” (of creativity), fight the Tea Party back, free the jailed, feed the poor, and so on… I’d ask you one question?  Is it his responsibility or our responsibility to heal the world?

Again, the President – with his sexy self – is living his mission.  He remains balanced, centered, indestructible, open, relaxed, non-power drive, spirit led, comfortable, trustworthy, trusting… and most surprisingly SANE during his term.  He even retains his beautiful smile… and spirit and power of words!

President Obama gives us living example of what it means to allow.  He is a kind man; he left space and freed up energy for us to come forward and take a stand for ourselves, as we are the only ones who can!

Recognize energy.  Recognize light.  Recognize all things serve to further.  Recognize we are all creating reality!  No one is doing anything to anyone.  We create our lives!  Even President Bush and all the other Presidents, leaders, bankers and so forth are doing their jobs well!  They are being what we need them to be in order to push us to create more… Why don’t even Obama supporters see that the President is doing the same?

When did we become so critical and complaisant?  When did we become so cynical, even the “conscious community”, even the New Age, even those who would claim to know and understand laws of the Universe?

Who can say that another man is not doing what he is supposed to do?  Who has that right?  When is it ever that case – that someone else is not doing it right – in a Universe where everything is ordered and we are each crafting reality?  How can we depend on one, when each of us have so much personal power?  What President Obama and all scenarios surrounding have shown us is that we each, individually, create the path to a new day.  For this, I am forever grateful for Mr. President.  I am indeed grateful for each and every soul who has been a part of my experience this lifetime and beyond.  I thank every person of every race, every culture, every sex, every walk of life.  I thank you for just being.

When we learn to appreciate one another this way, it will demonstrate a deep appreciation for ourselves and the possible, personal, contributions we sometimes hold back from the world due to fear.  We cannot hold back an experience, living, alone, is enough.  You are justified for everything you have ever done just by having the audacity to be – to continue on each day! You are enough!  And so is President Obama!

I thank you for your leadership, Mr. President.  And I take the energy you have made possible, through your contribution to create MORE change, MORE progress and more — ummmmm – more Love!

I’ve started a revolution or two myself based on the hope and change. I feel imminently vibrating among us the ability to shift it all!  Read more about the Progressive Love Movement today!

Peace and Delight

Kenya K Stevens




  1. Lovely Lady

    Ugh!! lol I want to say something in rebuttal so bad but I can’t, not after reading this lol Ugh!

  2. Lesley

    Millions of people around the world, not just Americans, felt the shift when Obama got elected. It was such a joyful moment for me and many others and I’ll never forget it the rest of my life. For me, it wasn’t about what a great man Obama is, (although I do consider him great), as it it was about the fact that the American people actually elected an African-American man as their President for the first time in their history. It was a huge milestone and should not be understated.

  3. Sister Nubia

    Thank you Kenya for uttering what I have been feeling but could not formulate the words to say. Thank you for so eloquently verbalizing the way we need to look at politics and things from now on. It’s a new day.

  4. iAManasha

    Very well put Kenya. Obama changed us all, just by standing with his stature and being. It is now my time to do me. As it is all of our times.

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