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New Eyes… Look Into An Opening Marriage.


I can see clearly now the rain is gone………whooohooo

I am fairly new at everything Progressive Love.  I have recently checked my eyes of love and energy… I have learned I couldn’t see.  I have reached for some clarity through Progressive Love and now its so clear……….

It all goes  a few months back. My husband of 10 years and I were just watching our regular T.V. show at night, when he turns to me and says ” I heard on the radio that this couple that is married, the wife has a boyfriend…. I want you to get a girlfriend.”

To this I went “HUH???  A girlfriend, what about boyfriend or both…LOL.”

He then has the nerve to say “Whatever you like, I think it will help you, with your extra energy, you know when I’m not home, or when I’m sleeping in the daytime” (my husband works nights).

Of course I said ” Do you want a girlfriend??”

Thinking, this is a roundabout way of asking to have a “side chick.”

He said ” maybe, I don’t know, I want this for you”.

That was the night we decided to open our marriage. Of course at the time we didn’t know what we were Opening our marriage TO!!…..

Days passed by, I started to Google, he started to look at dating sites (MEN!!).   I came across many swinger sites (we had tried that in the past without interest), polygamy sites, polyamorous communities…..Nothing appealed to me, I began to get discouraged…..

Finally I wrote something like multicultural open marriage, open love on the search box……HELLO!!! Jujumama came up lol. I began looking at Jujumama’s brochure pages, reading the blogs, rekindling my meditation techniques, watched some of their youtube videos…. I became so skeptical excited at the idea that these couple could make it work….

They look so in love, so in tune with each other…. Yeah right!!! this ish can’t be real!!

Well, let me tell you – I read more, and decided after a week of reading that I would try and LOOK at my life a bit differently, a bit from the outside… How do I behave towards my husband, towards other men, towards my child, my family, my friend. Lets see if I make myself look like a victim, a villain. How do I cop out or drop out of situations? Am I growing with this love or are we stagnant.. Is this Opening of our marriage a new challenge, part of evolution or what.. WOW!  What I found after looking at my life through the lens of Progressive Love is that I was blind all this time, ALL THIS TIME!!!!…

I felt like I was ripped off at the store of love. GEEZ come on people lets all wake up and SEE what life and love are really about!

So I joined Cn28 Moon Manifestation with the Academy, I began to meditate and think about my wishes, wants, needs for my king and kings to be…. YES I said kings lol… I wanted more communication with my husband, so I stayed quiet, listened, and let him talk (very hard for this spanish chica to do). I wanted for us to be completely honest with each other, so I started being completely honest with him, it was hard in the beginning to open every thought in my mind to a man, ( he thought I was being harsh), but then he opened up to me honestly. OK this juju thing was working!!

Then, I meditated on my next king I wanted to meet, had no clue if he existed in this world. I got in touch with Source ( in my case GOD), prayed/meditated… I wanted more, I’m growing and getting in touch with the real love You teach God, give me a man, a good man like my king, honest, a gentleman, smart, well traveled, handsome, and of course passionate in bed.. Went to sleep on that thought, I waited……..

Three days later, guess what happened!!! ( and no I’m not making this up). A new facebook friend request from someone I had never seen in my life appeared. The Jhoselyn before Jujumama  would have hit the IGNORE button in a heart beat. My new open to Universe Jhoselyn, listened to her heart, asked “hey where do I know you from?”, we began to talk, get to know each other… Well this gentleman of a man sure has made his way into my heart in the past month..a king indeed….. (Besos ;))

I let Universe take the wheel this past couple months, just for once I decided I will not worry about what’s next, I’m enjoying the road trip that Universe is taking me on. I’m so happy with the outcomes. My husband has also found a beautiful, smart queen who I hope to meet in the near future. I wanted to write about this experience from the beginning, and guess what? Jujumama, and the Universe put it all together so I could bring this to you. AMAZING!!..I’m so ready to learn, grow and continue with the evolution of my LOVE with a PURPOSE…

Would love your thoughts, comments or questions. As a new JLA member and a new blogger all ideas are welcomed….

In light, and in love






Jhoselyn Thomas







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7 thoughts on “New Eyes… Look Into An Opening Marriage.

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  2. I love your authenticity in this post. I wonder will I ever get into a sexually open relationship. I do not know. I know that I have to master monogamy first. Meaning, I have to stay in a relationship! LOL!

    I am linking this post into a post in my blog, because its an amazing testimonial to the awakening of Progressive Love.

    • Thank you Anasha! Indeed mastering monogamy was a key to opening our relationship successfully. Still I believe opening a marriage is really opening yourself and being the true you. I thank u for the share. All my love!!!


  4. So I have known you guys for 7 of the 10 years and this progressive love concept still Blows my mind. I am intrigued and amazed by it, while questioning myself for being curious about it all at the same time. Ultimately, it is about you and his happiness and you seem to be so damn happy, that is all I want for you. I will deal with my traditional Christian feelings on my own. Love you guys!!! Keep on teaching us, we just want to learn how to communicate openly, one thing at a time, LOL!

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