18 Women in a Bleach Fight over a Man

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(blackmediaSCOOP) Police have charged a Baltimore Highlands woman in a fight in which officials say she used bleach and other household cleaners against another woman at a Walmart in Lansdowne Saturday, Oct. 8. Several shoppers were overcome by fumes and taken to medical facilities.

According to cops, Jefferson followed another woman, who has not been identified, into the Wal-Mart store. Baltimore County police say Jefferson has a child fathered by the other woman’s boyfriend… O_o

Hold up.  *record screeches off the needle*

Wait a damned minute!  These grown ass women were in Wal-Mart opening bottle after bottle of bleach, tossing it on one another in the isles because they both want the same man?  The new girlfriend and the “baby mama” going at it in the isles just because modern culture says sharing a man is wrong, weak, stupid, and for silly bitches… ??

This new girlfriend has no training that would help her understand why it’s important for homeboy to keep in touch with the mother of his child? These women have no training on how to harmonize together and share this man effectively and with love?  These ladies don’t know they can’t OWN this man?  And homeboy has no training on how to Tame his Women, how to keep them both at the same time, tell the truth, balance them and take care of all of his responsibilities?

Oh yes, of course NOT!!!  This is the USA 2011 – where do I think we are?  Of course they have no training in matters of love.  We don’t train our people to get along…  I must have thought we were living in a third world country, where in most ALL cases love works better than in modern industrial nations… lol.  These are modern times, we’re super advanced, people don’t learn to love… we only learn to refute anything that goes against the Status Quo which EVERYONE can see CLEARLY isn’t working!

There is a 70% divorce rate amongst African American families and 55% divorce rate for general folks of all race here…  66% of those married CHEAT on a spouse, and 78% of women do not have vaginal orgasms at all!  Nice.  And no solutions in sight, well… except for Progressive Love, of course… but guess what happens when Progressive Love Speaks?

Today we were published in EBONY Magazine talking about Open Relationships, first thing this morning we received an email in response to that article:

Dear Screwed Up Values,

Your message in Ebony is a disgrace! Where are your values and morals? Teaching our kids are to sleep around is irresponsible. Again, your message is a disgrace, not only to the African American community, but to humankind. Get a grip!

Should this writer be writing to us, the authors of Progressive Love – a way of living where one can be fully authentic with one’s partner, sharing what is on the real mind and ceasing the lies, mask-wearing and hiding that come in the package of ordinary modern love? –  Or should she be writing the founding fathers of this MODERN LOVE mess – Bleach stains, dismembered penises, love note suicides and all ???!!!

You tell me  – after you figure out how home girl is going to grow her hair back from the bleach burn, get out of jail to take care of her son, and then harmonize with the new girlfriend…

Your solutions are welcome… use the comment boxes below. xo

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  2. shelley

    what on earth?! really, it has to come to this?! i mean i am sick of people fighting over people! one; he/she is NOT your property, and two; STOP ACTING LIKE ANIMALS! just because we are animals , doesn’t mean we have to act like animals! some kill their young! oh, wait………we do!

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