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Please Give Me Your Magic Touch……

Love is free and touch is priceless……..As we are living in a society that takes touch and love for granted its up to us progressive lovers to teach the meaning of love and connection.

Have you ever walked down the streets of a busy city so close to the person next to you that you can smell their scent but don’t dare touch them or bump into them…. A  look and a need to apologize will result from such behavior. We’re so afraid to touch and be touched in this society. Touch or simply brush skin with another human being, and we feel intruded. We’re such believers of “personal space” who came up with this concept anyway???? It took me so long to understand it…..

I came to the States from South America when I was 16. Grew up touching and holding hands with my friends. If my new friend wanted to walk to the store we would hold hands and head on over. No personal space mentioned. When we spoke to each other back at home  we were close and in our faces. And no it didn’t mean cause for a fight. I thought perhaps this was a Spanish/ latin thing to do. I went to Africa a few years ago to find more of the same. Holding and touching and speaking to you so close you can feel every word. So beautiful to feel the vibrations of others words in your heart…. It was a culture shock getting acquainted with western separation.

As a Progressive Lover I’m getting back to my roots. Touching and rubbing a mans back, even if I have no sexual interest. Holding a girlfriends hand as we talk. It makes them uncomfortable in the beginning but seem to embrace it as the conversation flows. it’s part of our healing ways. To touch and lead people to a better world.

So feel free to touch or hug me next time you see me. I have no personal space I have a public space.  It is the space where all human life connects to one another… it is the great oneness.

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Jhos the Diva

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About Jhoselyn

Jhoselyn Catalina Thomas, (aka “The Diva RN”) is a natural empath and comes from a lineage of healers. Her desire to heal herself and others brings bliss to all those she encounters. A registered nurse with over 10 years experience in the health care industry, Jhoselyn has an acute sense of an individual’s needs by listening and feeling energies. Jhoselyn is a resident blogger for Jujumama and an active educator within the Progressive Love community. Her blog post titles include http://www.jujumamablog.com/2012/07/27/i-dont-need-a-man/#more-14306 http://www.jujumamablog.com/2011/11/27/discover-the-flow-of-your-puss-part-i/ She began furthering her education on energy work and completed the i2Tantra program and began studies in Reki. Enhancing her Tantra and Reki studies Jhoselyn has completed the Level One Grand Trine Course with Master Yao Nyamekye Morris. In addition, she will be facilitating a sex education seminar for women and teens with Jujumama. Her kind and caring nature combined with her natural abilities make her truly dynamic!
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8 thoughts on “Please Give Me Your Magic Touch……

  1. Great job on this one my queen this is one of my favorites….the way you bring the reader into your world is a pure talent that can’t be taught……we all thirst for knowledge rather we accept it or not….writers like you can quench our thirst XOXO

  2. For as long as I have remembered strangers, my ex-husband and psychics have told me I was a healer and have suggested that I learn Reiki, but I was never comfortable with people touching me and they always do whenever they meet me and it always made me so uncomfortable. They’d touch me or be all close to me while talking and it just freaked me out. But I finally got it last year. I took a tantra class and the guy really had no affect on me but I had an affect on me and he was just having orgasms and I was just touching him all the while with my mouth open and my eyes bucked. After I was done he said, “You’re amazing…Here’s my number. Call me.” I never did. I told my man about it and he told me not to go back so I left it alone. But I know now that my touch, or just touch in general, is very powerful and now I am more comfortable with people touching me. But I never touch first unless they first touch me and let me know its OK. *smile*

    • Hugs from me to you..As suggested first I have to Ignite the power of Affectionate Hugs & only a true passion can reflect with touching each other…otherwise all is mechanical & plastic love…

  3. hi!!!!! your words are soo right.im one of those people who talk with their hands,and i touch when i talk.my sons friends make a beeline to come and hug me when they come over.i was told that my hugs and kisses and caressses are warm and welcoming.ive always made sure that when i said hello to my boys i touch their hearts as i speak.my family has always hugged and kissed to say hello,i grew up in a very affetionate and loving household.have you ever noticed that when you go to touch someone at times they move back slightly? or if your touch lingers to long they get uncomfortable and try to get away? ive known people for years and their still uncomfotable with my touching them.you miss out on love when you have rigid ways.when my mom wants to talk to me she grabs my hand and rubs my arm and hand. it gets your attention and it feels good!!!! i learned reflexology in beauty school so my mani-pedi is the bomb!! people just close their eyes and drift for a few …… touch is essntial,my husband loves for me touch him. he says he feels the energy,thats some pretty strong stuff!!!!!

    • I love hearing of people in the like. Touching was not instilled in my family. Rather hugging and kissing was saved for special occasions. DOn’t know why?? I’ve embraced my culture and my longing for touch and learned to be a more touching person. I love it . It is beautiful what you do with your children and how your mom communicates with you. Will try that. HUGGING U

  4. One Love Jhos.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post. about touching. I will hug you if and when I ever meet you out there in time and space or place. I really thnk that the hospitals and allopathic medicine need to incorporate your kind of care (touch, tantra, progressive love) into their practices. I’ve been to so many hospitals and they have to make changes to warm the cold atmosphere.
    Blessed love.

  5. What A Warm Hug Can Do:

    An affectionate greetings fills us with joy, so how about a heartfelt hug. It can happen in the outside world, because for centuries we’ve been conditioned against the body. and hugging is a very sensuous, physical experience of tremendous importance. But what to say about hugging, even touching has been tabooed!

    Some of the religious programmes that have been given to you are so inhuman that if we can simply drop out of all religion & forget the past completely, you will see an immense explosion of warmpth, love, hugging, touching, and for the first time you will feel alive.

    You Are Beautiful: Your body is such a beautiful phenomenon. It is you. It is your circumference, and if you deny the circumference, you can never find it’s centre. The centre is your being; it cannot survive without body for a single moment.

    You see in the whole world people almost dead, somnambulists walking in their sleep, miserable, suffering for thousands of reasons; but the whole thing is based on a simple phenomenon: you have been turned against your own body. Your centre & your circumference have been cut off from each other. But to reach you, one has to pass the circumference.

    Just Open Up: You have seen in the East, saying hello to someone, you don’t shake hands. That is against spirituality. Hugging is thought to be something sexual. It is not. It is sensuouus. and you have to understand these two words clearly.

    The ‘alive’ man is sensuous. It means all his senses are functioning at the very peak. He sees better. His touch is not like holding a dead branch of a tree in his hand. His touch is alive; it is a language, it has a message. His energy is transformed to you, your energy is transformed to him.

    The meeting of two energies is always a rejoicing. It is just like two dancers dancing in rhythm, complementary to each other. But even in the West, where people shake hands…your energy, rather than going to the other person, shrinks back. The fear of being sexual, sensuous, of being interested in the other person’s body — is thought to be unspiritual.

    It has been discovered that if you look at a woman for more than three seconds it is unspiritual. Three seconds is casual. Beyond that, your eyes are touching the woman — a distant touch, like a remote control. And if you stare in the eyes of the woman more than three seconds, she will feel offended; you have already penetrated her body through her eyes. And it is not allowed by etiquette to look back again & again at the woman.

    Respect Or Re-spect? But do you know the meaning of the word ‘respect’? It means looking again. Respect does not mean honour, respect means you are enchanted. It is re-spect; you would like to see again…again… Perhaps you will change your route & follow the woman…

    In a more humane society the woman will not feel offended. And deep down she does not feel offended now. Even after thousands of centuries’ conditioning, her feeling of being offended is superficial. Deep down she rejoices, deep down the undercurrent of nature is there. Not to look at a woman again, not to look back, is certainly an insult. Not to look in the eyes of a man or woman for more than three seconds is humilation. You have not been nice to the person.

    Hugging is closer than seeing. People use the phrase “a warm welcome”, but it rarely happens. it is always a cold welcome because your energy moves back. Your hand is just cold, not radiating warmth. There are dangers for religious people: if your hand feels warm & the other person is also open to receive & give, things are not going to stop there. if just two hands meeting in a warm glow give you so much joy, hugging the whole body will be a thousand-fold more so.!

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