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Womb Choice | Another Brilliant Progressive Stance!

THIS ~ baby!  This is why we love Madonna here at the home of the Progressive Love Movement!  Madonna has successfully initiated millions if not billions of women into a form of sensual acceptance that was not present for centuries before she arrived to do the healing work she has done for women on this planet!

Madonna, like similar predecessors such as Billy Holiday, Marilyn Monroe, Josephine Baker, Eartha Kitt, and Greta Garbo and many more of this genre of females who are fearless about sensuality, were and are messengers!  They are actually good witches working magical spells on women, calling us to re-awaken to our feminine energy!  Their mission – as we see the rise in women choosing the feminine over feminism – is accomplished – Womb Choice is on the rise again!  So let’s talk about Womb Choice!

Womb Choice is a concept created here at JujuMama’s Love Academy as we see a few unprecedented things happen in the world of modern relationships.  For one, men have attempted to come into the feminine role of “chooser” in relationships.  You can hear it in the rap lyrics that talk about how women are trying to “Get Chose” (Common) and we can see it in the videos where women are waiting in droves to be chosen by a famous celebrity or otherwise virile man.

Guess what?  That shit ain’t right!  Women are the choosers in relationships, we always have been and always will be.  This morning I posed a question on facebook about this very topic.  I asked women to think back to the many relationships we’ve enjoyed.  The best ones, as confirmed by my facebook friends, are the one’s where we enjoyed hormonal feelings of deep longing for a man – this signifies a relationship where the women exercised Womb Choice!

The reason for this profound happiness in certain relationships is women are the choosers, when we allow this natural process of womb selection to inform us who to bond with, who has our medicine, who can take us to the next level healing, we win!  Not only are these men best for us, but they also provide the most challenges – challenges are the very things love is made of, challenges grow us and causes to remove layer after layer of dissonant energy.  Sure, when we hit the challenges we sometimes run to safer men, to the men who have chosen us, but we are never happy there… it’s always that the greatest love, the greatest opportunity to grow, came from men our wombs had chosen.

Our mothers told us to find a safe man, a good provider, Steve Harvey tells us to find the man who will wait 90 days for our pussy, other authors and love “experts” suggest finding a man who is attentive and would demonstrate the fact we have high self esteem – he treats us well – and there are no challenges.  I think all of the above is a bunch of BS!

Womb choice is the all important ingredient to bring women back to our senses and bring our feminine power to the surface!  When we allow our wombs to choose our men, we become instantly powerful, especially when we know how to work feminine magic to make the relationships harmonious.  The issue with womb choice, currently, is we still have the tingles that signify the men we should enjoy, however, we have forgotten how to use adjunct feminine skills to create harmony between we and the ones we have hormonal longing for!

Another issue with womb choice is men often refuse to deliver the goods once chosen – men often refuse or do not recognize they should and must choose back!  This is not necessarily the fault of men.  No, they are not blind to our womb choice function, but this cultural climate keeps them stuck in one outmoded form of functioning.  This too can be remedied, albeit through a total shift in societal norms.  The norm is actually killing womb choice and making men into women!  Let me explain…

So the womb chooses.  The womb chooses many times actually, weekly a womb can choose two or three men!  Even married women experience this!  The tingle of womb choice, finding medicine in men.. it’s intoxicating.  But due to social constraints she must ignore it, thus killing even passion, decreasing her libido, and eventually shutting her away from feminine energy all together.  Womb Choice is too dangerous to the modern understanding of relationships to be sustainable at this time.  But why?  Why is it dangerous?

Oh yes, this society has denoted women and men honorable, good citizens, who only love one person at a time… in fact we are to simply choose one lover and love that lover for life if we are to be considered morally correct.  Bummer.  This very fact alone, the idea of shutting womb choice off in order to ‘follow the rules’, hampers wombs, and obstructs flow of passion in monogamous relationships… as evidenced in our rate of womb illness… and our divorce rate!  Right?

And on the male side, the detriment is just as notable.  Men attempting to fit the standard narrative find themselves being chosen by many many women.  He can’t possibly serve and give to all these women, right?!  Society says this is a no no and the sign of a whorish man, a no good dog.  (Tisk)  On one hand, he does feel the honor and power that comes with meeting the needs of so many Goddesses who wants and need his healing!  But he can’t oblige this sacred giving without being considered a ho.  This is quite a paradox.

Usually men just turn off “Giving and Serving” all together in order to avoid the label of DOG.  He can’t possibly service all the women who feel womb choice for him, so he tries to comply to the mode.  He pledges his love to one, while slowly finding he just can’t do this – so many other women womb choose him – he feels called to serve.  He then cheats to fulfill his very POWERFUL drive to feel respected and loved and adored by the women womb choosing him, and bingo!  Now he is labeled for life.  It’s terrible, just as it is terrible for women who have to shut off womb choice in the first place.

Enough is enough already!

I am dealing with this right now with a client who is attempting to embrace the idea her womb has chosen a married man.  It’s a difficult concept, in this society, to face the fact we absolutely do fall in love with “taken” men or women.  It happens all the time.  But it will always and inevitably happen as womb choice is very important to the survival of the species.  Womb choice doesn’t care about modern rules.

Our inclination toward variety on the part of both men and women (I realize some believe that only men have this desire – hilarious) is the very one thing that has served humans in creating more powerful offspring over time – a scientific phenomenon we can’t get into in this post…  Know this.  If we honored womb choice – women going about acting on the tingling and men going about serving women who tingle for him – relationships would heal and change instantly!  Do you think of this as debauchery and mayhem?  Good!  You have been properly socialized – you’re ready to be a good worker and fit into the economic and social order as delineated ie. Status Quo.

However, if you are not convinced that our modern form of love is the answer to restoring health, longevity, beauty, delight and joyful living – you may want to explore the womb choice paradigm more closely… looks into it.  Ponder the real ramification of humans living as humans on planet Earth, loving holistically and embracing womb choice.

I’ll do a part two.  I’m on the run today!  Hope you’re enjoying the idea of “Womb Choice” another JujuMama original concept for Progressive Love!  Ya better ask somebody!  Join our Womb Choice Course to re awaken womb power!

Kenya K Stevens



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6 thoughts on “Womb Choice | Another Brilliant Progressive Stance!

  1. The problem with this is that the wombs tend to choose only amongst a few guys. The most attractive guys. Or at least the wombs choose them much more strongly than your average guy. So the question becomes how are those few guys going to serve the many women that want them? And how will the women like having to spend so little time with the men their womb chooses since these guys being very bussy serving other wombs will hardly be able to see them. Do you think women will feel loved being one out of many women in a rotating harem? Do you think they will grow a lot being part of a rotating harem? And what about the guys the wombs don`t choose so much. If the top guys realy start spreading their services with no constraints a lot of women will drop their safe men and only be with the womb chosen ones (whenver their tight schedules alow). So you will have 20,30,40,50% or more of guys rarely being chosen by anyone. They will go balistic. All the bad you can imagine happening with such a percentage of men being totaly pissed and no longer feeling like they have any stake in society is exactly what is going to happen.

    There is another thing women always forget when they think along these lines. That is that it is only when they are still young and beautifull the top guys will have you. Once you hit 40 or so or at the latest 45 you will be chanceless against a 25 year old. Basically men don`t bother much with wombs that can`t get pregnant anymore. So without life long comitted relationships the women who were lucky enough to chosen as young will loose access to these guys as they age. This will leave them in the shitty situation of having been acustmed to the top guys for many years and then being dumped and completely ignored for the rest of their lives. Not much fun.

    • No thats not true Tom…Im just reading this and it doesn’t matter about the looks…I’ve read this and it makes so much sense. Dont’ really want to get into too many details but Tom that is incorrect…its not about the looks…Wow she just blew my freaking mind!

    • OK Tom, I can speak more intelligently now, she really blew my mind with that…my mouth was still open in my last comment. I’ll use myself for example. I have THREE womb choices and for me they are the least likely choices for me but my body craves them and this post explains alot because it would explain why some of the most attractive men are not my womb choice and they are choosing me. They are nice eye candy but my body does not respond to them at all. So Tom, this post actually helps women see that its not about the looks or material possessions, its about how your body responds to the man. Wow!

  2. Omg! I had just told my mom that every time i have sex with this one guy I always feel pregnant! He makes my insides move beyond meaning. Every touch every kiss. My womb craves him. And when i try to be with someone else or even think about it, it doesnt work for me at all I’m actually turned off. So this is amazing. I only get this with him though. I was even married and my womb never done that. Awsome read.

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    This is why I say love isn’t logical; it’s felt. It’s like your body calling to another, or another’s body calling to you! I feel this magnetic attraction to certain men in my life and don’t want to pull away.

    Great piece, Kenya! <3 :]

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