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Beating the Drum of Sex Skills & Fitness

Ladies and Gentlemen, first off I want to thank you for reading my articles even though they are all about sex and always trying to motivate you to practice to find your perfection. It’s a drum I can’t stop beating because its not being sounded enough. Too often do we gamble with something that has far too much importance in our lives. They say that Bad Sex is the #2 reason couples break up in the United States, and know what?  I don’t believe it has to be this way!  I believe sex is simply not taken seriously.

Think of it in these terms, you go out  for a job. You fill the application and are served an entrance exam to qualify you. When taking the exam you notice there is much on the exam you don’t know and you use the multiple choice boxes to spell C-A-B all the way down the page. It turns out your roll of the dice pays off – you scored high. Now, your done and happy about the results; would you:

  1. Go to the job knowing you are ignorant of what you should know to be successful on the job?
  2. Hit the library all weekend absorbing as much information on what you didn’t know as possible?

Common sense would say B right? But as it pertains to optimal sexuality many of us choose A? Do you see how the example correlates to sex in the USA?

When we engage a partner sexually we’re mostly going into a blind exam, all we can do is try hard and make guesses on the areas we don’t know and hope for the best. But afterwards, if you did well enough to get a shot at returning for another encounter, how many of us reflect on the notes from the first exam and consciously put effort into improving where we know we rolled the dice before?

Not Many. Definitely not me for most of my life!

Like most folks, if I got lucky and rang her bell haphazardly the first go round, I would go home and say to myself  “Hay I’m good, I got this.”  Ignoring the fact I got lucky and taking a gamble I would hope to get lucky again. However, if luck did not shine her light on me, next time I may not be able to replicate the experience, leaving her wanting more, expecting more, asking why and second guessing her decision to re-engage me.

So what am I saying ? I’m advocating Exercising Your GAME regularly – developing knowledge of self and some basic concepts to work off of when it comes to engaging someone you want to impress will keep your gamble to a minimum multiplying your ability to replicate the experience (and even taking it to another level ) exponentially.

Okay so since read this far and you let Montique beat on his drum a while, I will share something to support you ladies and gentleman improve on your own knowledge of self sensually.

Keep this concept in mind: See Your Self to the Exit

How does good luvin work?

Well in the best case scenario, you women have your So Tight kegels working, so you can contract and apply pressure and you men have Stroke Skills and can work the 360.

The kegal takes hold once your in, that is when its gripping right, that is when her vaginal sensors (virili) are pressed against your shaft….

So why are you whipping it out guys, why are you yanking it out, that completely defeats the purpose of a stroke. Even if your throwing it in with a SMACK (which you should do if she likes it) use a stroke that applies pressure to a wall, push your body-weight down on top of your shaft, and Drag it out slow with the motion of your stroke (this is why you should be doing the Skills Accolades like Ambidextrous so you know how to do everything in reverse and Smooth Stroke so you can gain the ability to twist your pinga so that you can engage the same Virili several times over). So remember,  “See Yourself to the Exit” and focus on allowing those virili to gain as much rich juicy targeted reverse friction moves as possible and grabbing for more!

I kid you not, once I was doing this kind of pointed love making when I felt my stomach grumble and imagined how wonderful it would be if I had some chipotle. So we’re done, she is lain out, I do my hunter/gatherer thing to go bring back food. I wander into the Chipotle and they gave me a couple burritos free! I mean it was like “hi your order is on the house today, what would you like?”  KID YOU NOT, this was just a miniature example of how visualization during an intense lovemaking session can materialize opportunities.

Getting Hungry so I have to run.

I appreciate you all and your support, lets be our best selves together and enjoy the journey of self discovery and realization of the mysteries that the creator has bestowed within the coupling of sexuality.  Stroke Skills and So Tight begin March 15th!  Register Today!

Your Sexual Mariachi.



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