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Jhoselyn Catalina Thomas, (aka “The Diva RN”) is a natural empath and comes from a lineage of healers. Her desire to heal herself and others brings bliss to all those she encounters. A registered nurse with over 10 years experience in the health care industry, Jhoselyn has an acute sense of an individual’s needs by listening and feeling energies. Jhoselyn is a resident blogger for Jujumama and an active educator within the Progressive Love community. Her blog post titles include http://www.jujumamablog.com/2012/07/27/i-dont-need-a-man/#more-14306 http://www.jujumamablog.com/2011/11/27/discover-the-flow-of-your-puss-part-i/ She began furthering her education on energy work and completed the i2Tantra program and began studies in Reki. Enhancing her Tantra and Reki studies Jhoselyn has completed the Level One Grand Trine Course with Master Yao Nyamekye Morris. In addition, she will be facilitating a sex education seminar for women and teens with Jujumama. Her kind and caring nature combined with her natural abilities make her truly dynamic!

Here is something I knew all along but barely knew it really made a difference:  Verbal Penis Worship is very effective…… WOW!!  Honestly, this is something I have done in my thoughts or after being with a wonderful man, or talking to my girls about.  Verbal Penis Worship sounds like Continue reading

What do we do when there is nothing left to do beyond tell the truth?

Being in an Open marriage definitely poses challenges. It is a constant state of growing and learning and pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zones. Then again, all relationships pose challenges.  Open relating challenges us to grow beyond insecurity and fear, build strong trust and support, and living truthful to one Continue reading

Lovers, I am back with more, and this time I won’t stop until I’m finished…. Oh YeS!

It’s time to discuss Women orgasms, and female ejaculation…Yes it is time, we know how our yoni looks, feels, and what our secretions mean, how to keep yoni yummy and all that. Now Continue reading


I’ve heard Kenya K Stevens, CEO of JujuMama talk about her vision for community and I feel myself SMH.  Why is it so difficult to accept the concept of-community living?  I have to admit I’ve had my own opinions about it.  Can I truly let ‘just anyone’ raise my children?  Continue reading

I embrace my sisters of all colors backgrounds religions and beliefs……

I am so moved and proud of both Kenya and Jessica for starting a family that has grown beyond belief.

I can’t imagine my days without the constant support and the non-judging advise of my sisters. At first I Continue reading

Love is free and touch is priceless……..As we are living in a society that takes touch and love for granted its up to us progressive lovers to teach the meaning of love and connection.

Have you ever walked down the streets of a busy city so close to the person Continue reading

America is addicted to porn and sex toys!!!!  Since the invention of the vibrator to cure hysteria, which is actually just a lack of female sensual satisfaction – we have been overdosing in the sex industry.  Unfortunately sex is exploited as a dirty, forbidden, detached, nasty or quick, dark Continue reading

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