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Carl & Kenya

JujuMama LLC Provides Innovative LOVE Coaching -

Allow us to support you in the transformation of your love life!

General Objectives:

  • Save your marriage or relationship
  • Improve your Sex Life – Results Assured!
  • Stop any Divorce, Separation or Break-up
  • Create A Soul Mate – Manifest Sexy!
  • Discover the Purpose of Your Relationship
  • Shift Bad Habits that seem Automatic

Carl and Kenya K Stevens are currently coaching Worldwide clients.  We coach via Phone and Skype.

The results are phenomenal!!

Client testimonials page click here.



What you get (Choose One)

  • Gender Harmonics Coaching | Restore masculine or feminine balance
  • Three Way Mirror Coaching | Find out how YOU created your relationship scenario
  • Conflict Resolution | Resolve any conflict with your partner
  • Tantra Instructional Session | One hour of Tantra instruction for you with partner
  • Tantra Meditation | One hour Tantra mediation to resolve particular stagnation 
  • Oracle Readings Session | Intuitive Counsel on life matters 
  • Bagua Character Map Reading | Find out how your birth chart is effecting your life
  • Couples Included

Premier Member Rate $159

Standard Rate $199

FOUR HOUR COACHING  $599 | save 100 dollars

JujuMama’s Maintenance Packages are for those who wish to receive anytime calling.  No appointment is needed for this package.  Call us anytime for spot coaching… and/or schedule one of the following sessions:

You’ll get (Choose One):

  • Full Lacing | Undo past pain and rewire for success
  • Full Tantra Meditation and Instruction | Undo pain surrounding sensuality 
  • Three Way Mirror Session
  • Gender Harmonics Coaching
  • Bagua Character Mapping
  • Conflict Resolution Unlimited
  • Anytime calling – no appointments needed
  • Unlimited Oracle Readings – Email / Text / Phone
  • Unlimited Text Coaching
  • Unlimited Email Coaching
  • Calling limited to the hours 11 AM – 10  PM Eastern | Weekdays
  • Couples Included
Premier Member Pricing $499
Standard member Pricing $599

Ten Hour COACHING Package  $1599 | save 400 dollars

JujuMama Provides a luxury service to top clients.  Would you like to have all of the sessions listed above and more?  Sure you would.  Would you like to have your love and life coach at arms length all month?  Yes yes and YES!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Any sessions mentioned above | within ten hour limit
  • Unlimited on demand coaching 24/7 access when available
  • Unlimited readings
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited texting
  • Extended Hours – Weekends – Anytime
  • Couples and Singles Included on one plan

Premier Member Rate $1499

Standard member Rate $1599

One thought on “Carl & Kenya

  1. Kenya,

    First, I want to say that your website literally just popped up on my computer screen! I had never heard of you, wasn’t looking for a similar website, nothing like that. I don’t know what I clicked on, but seriously, you just popped up on my computer and I am so glad that you did! I am 6 months out of a 6 year relationship with a woman that I am still and believe I will always be deeply in love with! My heart is broken because of the end of our relationship as a couple, but is still so filled with love for her that I’m not even mad about it anymore. It is what it is.

    However, I must move on and in order to do that, I need to do some serious work. As I’ve looked at your services, several of them will benefit me. I will be relocating to Atlanta in July 2010 and benefiting from your services is one of the first things on my agenda when I get there. I will keep reading your blogs…they are amazing! I look forward to meeting you one day soon!

    Lynnette Walker

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