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JujuMama on ABC News

JujuMama on Mo’nique

JujuMama on Fox News

JujuMama on Charlotte Burley

  • JujuMama in Black Voices | Click Here
  • JujuMama in Ebony Magazine (PDF coming soon)
  • JujuMama in Jadore Magazine (link coming soon)
  • JujuMama in Mademoiselle (PDF coming soon)
  • Jujumama has appeared on over 150 radio shows including Michael Baisden
  • JujuMama has appeared four times on National Television
  • Jujumama for your next speaking engagement Click Here

2 thoughts on “Media

  1. OMG! Why am I just seeing this page? I saw the Monique and Fox one but not all of these. Wow you two are so beautiful! And intelligent to boot! What?! Fire!

    I’ll be sure to check back here when those PDF links open up.

    • Lord look at Carl hand on Kenya…if Pat hand was on me like that during that show we’d be in the green room on break LOL! I can’t even stand for him to touch me in public it drives me crazy…I am so an advocate of PDA!

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