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Blue Butterfly Women’s Group

The Time is Now… 

Blue Butterfly Women must come out of the cocoon and facilitate the feminine rebirth in the world | 2013

Jessica’s Wedding Dress

Hello, my name is Jessica and I am a Blue Butterfly Woman.  I met Kenya K back in 2009 when I was in the midst of a chaotic relationship, raising my son who is now five.  

Although I was too afraid to finish when I first called, I started a lacing session with Kenya that began the long journey into feminine energy.  That same year, through the work of Gender Harmonics, I transitioned from the chaotic relationship and met my husband to be! The very next year, I embarked upon the CN365 program.

For many months I’ve studied with JuJuMama Systems, such as i2 Tantra which I am certified in. I am also a trained Pranic Healer and Level 1 Pranic Healing instructor…. Needless to say – and with my newfound feminine energy – by Spring of 2011 we were married!

I came to Kenya one day this summer I was having serious issues with my new husband… I wanted to be feminine, but the need to control and fight came up really heavily… I asked Kenya to facilitate a workshop or support group for women who want to live Progressive lifestyle which includes rebirthing the feminine energy that can energize the world!

Kenya turned the question back to me and told me to facilitate the course.  I said OK – and here we are!  I’m ready to serve!  Let’s get together once per week and energize our feminine qualities! Let’s talk about our challenges with living Gender Harmonics, let’s share our trials and triumphs!  Occasionally we will even have a special guest speaker to assist with the topics of the day!

2012 is upon us…  

BBG is a call to women to magnetize clean waters, healthy relationships, sisterhood, deep connection to nature, our men, and our children.

We Must Create the New Earth!Blue Butter Fly Women make the world a better place!  

Join our Monday Night Calls by becoming a member at the Extended Level.  

The cost is just $10 dollars per month – what each woman will receive is a boundless abundance of new friends, deep conversation, meditation and occasional special guest lectures and special events online!

Some of the past discussion topics:

The POWER of Becoming Vulnerable in Your Relationship!

The Modern Woman’s Dirty Curse Word: The Value of Surrender

Discussion of the Four Feminine Gender Harmonics Roles

How to Manifest ANY Goal Using Sexual/Sensual Energy

Calls are each Monday night at 10 p.m. (EST) | JOIN TODAY

 Learn More about what a Blue Butterfly Woman is here in this post by Kenya K Stevens…


16 thoughts on “Blue Butterfly Women’s Group

  1. So looking forward to starting this program. I can only imagine how this is going to fold over the cn28 program and really energize my reality and manifestation of my goals.

  2. Peace Ladies,
    Great call last night, I didn’t get a chance to bring my voice to the call , so I thought I would introduce myself here as suggested. Is this the right place to do so?

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  4. this sounds wonderful and I would like to join, but have been a recent victim of CC fraud and would like to know what information you can provide me with so i can feel secure in making payment to join. I am not by nature the suspicious type, but once bitten I will be careful.
    otherwise this sounds wonderful, I am excited to learn all you can offer. I am a wife, mother of only girls, a lactation consultant and a birth coach and educator. I find women come to me all the time for help, and I am forever a student of the spirit of women. I myself have struggled with the inability to comfortably be the independent women I know I deserve to be , but I feel there is a wellspring of me trapped behind the abused child I was and I hope your group can help me release and flow with the life energy I need.

  5. …please make the store more secure. I notice that there is no VeriSign security on it….it would make a lot of us feel better about giving out our financial info online if you did this. it can’t be that difficult to do. all the best online shops and companies have it as a matter of course, from Amazon to PayPal to Etsy. just do it already!!!!!!! xoxox

  6. Yey!!! I’m supper exited. I am now an extended member. I’m looking foward to monday night talk with the Blue Butter Fly Women. I’m a little confused on how it all works-


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