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Cn365 Sun Work

Align to the Seasons… and Manifest Your REAL Life

 Manifestation Course Began on September 21, 2013


come ALIVE with cn365“A problem cannot be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it.
                                                – Albert Einstein

Winter is a POWERFUL Time of Year

NOW is the time for clearing out all of the “stuff” that holds you back from living your real life!

JujuMama Love Academy offers FOUR different resources right now to bring you into alignment with the energy of these times.  Choose the one that is right for you…


JLA RESOURCE #1 | Do you have a difficult time figuring out what you want?

WE CAN HELP YOU right now for FREE… just click here.


JLA RESOURCE #2 | Do you know what you want, but have trouble achieving your dreams?

Awaken your inner ability to manifest ANYTHING at any time by discovering the power of the SUN.  What do we mean?

Did you know that you can be in control of the forces that shape your life?  That by making yourself aware of the naturally occurring cycles that happen each year, YOU can shape your destiny and achieve whatever you desire.

Cn365 teaches you HOW to use the Law of Attraction in relationship to the eight other laws of the Universe… creating the path to achieve any goal – whenever you feel like it, whenever you need to do it – for the rest of your life!  Click here to find out more…

Or listen to the recordings from our first introductory calls for Cn365 2013-2014:

September 4th Informational Call

September 11th Informational Call

September 18th Informational Call

October 13th Informational Call

January 5th Informational Call

The next FREE info call for Cn365 2013-2014 is coming soon.

To receive the dial-in information and stay in this luscious loop, please submit your email here.

JLA RESOURCE #3 | You are READY to receive the support you desire and deserve to manifest your life’s purpose

SUBSCRIBE to Cn365 Sun Manifestation for 2013 – 2014

  • Join JLA’s Premier Circle and become a manifestation mogul; realize YOUR POWER to have ALL that you desire… manifestation has never been more fun!
  • Manifest TWO BIG GOALS in just 365 days with the support of the Universe and the POWER of the Sun!

Here are the membership details:

Level One: Premier Membership ($57/month)                                join cn365 today...

  • Full cn365 SUN MANIFESTATION membership: September 21, 2013 – September 20, 2014!
  • Stay focused with weekly emails and downloadable audios and videos!
  • Stay connected with other circle members through a private facebook group and phase group support calls!
  • Receive 30 minutes of one-on-one coaching for each of the 9 phases of cn365 (270 minutes of personal coaching services, including character mapping and personality analysis)!

Level Two: Premier Membership Plus ($99/month)

All of the benefits of Premier Membership (as outlined above), PLUS…         join cn365 today...

  • Receive 60 minutes of one-on-one coaching every month of the Solar Year… that’s 720 minutes of personal coaching services!
  • Save over 50% on in-depth one-on-one support (including oracle divination readings and holistic health support) when you sign up NOW!

Level Three: Premier Membership Platinum ($179/month)                                join cn365 today...

  • Full cn365 SUN MANIFESTATION membership: September 21, 2013 – September 20, 2014!
  • Full cn28 MOON MANIFESTATION monthly membership: September 2013 – September 2014!
  • 50% off everything in the Juju Mama Love Academy store… with the exception of retreats, memberships, and a few other items!
  • Receive personal coaching every month from the founders of the Progressive Love Movement Carl & Kenya Stevens!


JLA RESOURCE #4 | Order cn365 Sun Manifestation Workbook: Fall-Winter 2013-14

  • A daily guide to help you achieve your relationship and financial goals for the year!
  • Daily instruction, background information on the phases of the year, meditations, affirmations, breathing exercises, and other processes that you can follow to achieve your goals!
  • This workbook covers the PLANNING, PLANTING, CLEARING, AND GATHERING phases of the year:
    • The PLANNING Phase will teach you how to use your intuition and tap into your passion.
    • The PLANTING Phase will teach you how to stay focused and be committed to your objectives in life.
    • The CLEARING Phase will teach you to release the old habits and patterns that hold you back.
    • The GATHERING Phase teaches you how to incorporate new behaviors and patterns, and be flexible in life.

Two Choices: soft cover or e-book

Sun Manifestation Journal & Workbook: Fall-Winter 2013-14


Take the red pill…. LIVE your REAL LIFE now



cn365 2011-2013





I just finished the wonderful year long CN365 Solar Powered Manifestation process and have never been happier with my life. CN365 has helped me reveal and manifest the beautifully divine mission I was put on this planet to accomplish! With decades of study into the sciences of human relations, nature, manifesting and self-love, Carl and Kenya K Stevens, Jason Corwin and Leslie Jones offer expert compassionate coaching and resources for manifesting your wonderful life. I highly recommend CN365. For less than $2 a day you too can manifest greatness. What’s holding you back?

- Hector, California


Things are becoming easy.  Promotion seems to flow out of me.  I am engaged in speaking a lot about my succeeding.  It makes me powerful, and the Universe gives me great feedback and passes good balls to me.  I am happy and I feel light.  Love for you!

- Aikia, Germany


My 1st manifestation year…. Wow!  I am the happiest and most centered I have ever been, learning how to relax my muscles from head to toe and so much more aware of my Yin and Yang energies and how to call upon them in challenging times…. I can’t wait to work on ME in the next cycle!

- Lisa, Texas


I got pregnant during the Planting Phase….  I got engaged during the Seeing Phase….  [I had my baby during the Using Phase]…. I am [the] CEO of my own LLC!  During the next cn365 cycle my family will be joining me!  Yay!!!

- Kenyatta, Maryland


All I can say is THANK YOU…. I’m ready to Go Bigger & Better in 2013!!!

- Khayr Love, North Carolina


I am soooo happy for this cn365 sun cycle!  When I say AMAZING, I mean AMAZING!!  Well, last week I decided to reach out to a guy that I really like but haven’t been connecting to the way I desire.  Well, I reached out to him and the response was great.  Granted, I do not know if he is “the one” but I do believe it is him or someone far better and if it can get better than that—you might have to come mop me up off the floor because I will be a puddle of bliss!  And to top it all off, yesterday I got an unexpected check in the mail from my job that I have no idea how or why it came to me but all I say is thanks!!!

- Shepsa, New York



You have NOTHING to lose, only EVERYTHING TO GAIN!





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