Change Your Man by Kenya Stevens

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You Shouldn't Need a Life-Threatening Illness to Reclaim Your Relationship! For Kenya Stevens, that is what it took. Married at age 21 to a man she had met on a blind date a few months earlier, Kenya's early years with Carl were fraught with conflict-troubles that she now understands had a lot to do with her own need to dominate and be in total control. Then came a bout with a particularly nasty, often-fatal illness, and everything changed. No longer able to control and dominate, Kenya turned to her mate. Forced to dig deeply and become vulnerable, she built her way back to physical and emotional health.


Kenya and Carl healed their own relationship utilizing a diverse background in powerful healing, self-help, and spiritual/metaphysical disciplines from yoga to music to Feng Shui to the Law of Attraction. It wasn't long before Kenya started sharing her insights with other women and couples. As CEO of JujuMama LLC (, she and Carl lead seminars and provide individual and group sessions. Carl has written a companion book for men, Tame Your Woman. In this life-changing book you will learn... How both partners can embrace both the feminine and the masculine within themselves and each other. How to phrase criticism in non-blaming, positive ways that inspire action. How to focus on what you want to attract, and stay away from what you want to drive away-and the ways this can help you shape your man's behavior.


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