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So I have given this one some real thought.  In fact, I have just lived a juicy break up and I find them to be quite senseless.  More to the point, I feel they do not need to happen.  I want to introduce a few new thoughts on “breaking up” and share a new idea or two that I think most will enjoy.  Warning:  You will not enjoy this if you are living in the old love paradigm that says people are commodities to be bought and sold…

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A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it.
John Steinbeck

I LOVE marriage and am an advocate for Mono-Harmonious couples!  I have been married 14 years and I love the idea of having a life partner.  Today I have made time to write a piece that will answer any questions for those who desire to know what JujuMama LLC – a love coaching company – feels about Monogamy – today I respond in full… This is going to be fun!

Webster’s Dictionary Refers To Monogamy with three definitions:

Definition of MONOGAMY

1: the practice of marrying only once during a lifetime
2: the state or custom of being married to one person at a time
3: the condition or practice of having a single mate during a period of time

In current usage monogamy often refers to having one sexual partner irrespective of marriage or reproduction.

Most individuals in Westernized countries are not Monogamous, but Serial Monogamist:

Serial monogamy is characterized by a series of long- or short-term, exclusive sexual relationships entered into consecutively over the lifespan.

Critics of monogamy, such as author and commentator Andrew Sullivan, argue that it involves a damaging self-denial that pushes people out of their natural instincts and that it can be psychologically damaging.

I am not a critic of Serial Monogamy or Monogamy.  But I do know that neither exists in Western culture.  Why do I say that neither monogamy or serial monogamy exists?  That’s simple, the practice of being sexually exclusive is not adhered to by anyone in this country, even when in a stated sexually monogamous or committed relationship, and I can prove it easily…

And keep in mind, I will also share my idea of how we can fix monogamy, with a my sustainable relationship model I introduce here, called Mono-Hamrony.  Read On!

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So I did the deed. Last week I held a national call where people could talk to me (FREE of charge – LOL!) about their break ups.  I have no mercy.  I quickly went into intuitive mode and broke down each of these break ups.  I do not stand for Continue reading

You Can’t Run Away From Yourself…

-Bob Marley

That really sums up my topic!  Where are you running to?  Where are going to go?  Away from that crazy man, that crazy woman!?  LOL!  Please…

It really is interesting to see so many people, sane people, smart people, damned geniuses Continue reading

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