New Eyes… Look Into An Opening Marriage.

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  I can see clearly now the rain is gone………whooohooo I am fairly new at everything Progressive Love.  I have recently checked my eyes of love and energy… I have learned I couldn’t see.  I have reached for some clarity through Progressive Love and now its so clear………. It all goes 


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Hay lovers!  We’re so excited to present to you Argument Resolution Tantra – a new movie from UnCut Juju!  We call it UnCut Juju because the entire 45 minute session was recorded without edit, script, cutting or pasting much of anything.  It is totally raw!  This trailer gives you an

Women want More of Everything!

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MORE is something I like.  I thought it was something everyone might like!!  Do you like the concept of having MORE? Sometimes we don’t give ourselves permission to want and need and desire more.  Well, why is that?  Maybe it’s our early training.  I recall the adults telling us that we are unappreciative if we ask for more too often. …

The Progressive Love Movement

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What is JLA’s Progressive Love Movement? The Progressive Love Movement is the CORE of JujuMama’s Love Academy!  We are excited to share this healing love with the world.  JujuMama’s Love Academy offers courses, media, online manifestation systems, coaches training and love coaching! Please become a FREE member of JuJuMama family

How to make your Vibrator into a Magical Wand!

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So today I was inspired to write this post when I caught an article in Oprah about parents advocating the use of vibrators for teen girls… I dun know, they want to prevent teen sex, so why not allow them to have vibrators?  Think on that.  Teen girls aside…   I’m excited to write about Vibrators, actually.  I remember when …