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This post is for the many women who sent me this video in hopes of getting my feedback on it. I refrained from writing anything about it until today. In fact, I wasn’t going to respond at all, but this is something we need to talk about. I didn’t want to break this Catholic woman down, but I see I have to, there have been too many posts of this very suspect content to ignore it any longer…

Let us not forget where we have come from in terms of the study of female sexual behavior.  We are living in an era waking up from the slumber and brainwashing of the Darwin effect.  Charles Darwin said that ‘Men strain to spread their cheap and plentiful seed far and wide while women are guarding their limited supply of metabolically expensive eggs from unworthy suitors’.  (Sex at Dawn)  This story is considered ‘proven scientific fact’!  The horny male, choosy female thing has gone on too long.  It’s time for some fact.

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