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Lovers, I am back with more, and this time I won’t stop until I’m finished…. Oh YeS!

It’s time to discuss Women orgasms, and female ejaculation…Yes it is time, we know how our yoni looks, feels, and what our secretions mean, how to keep yoni yummy and all that. Now Continue reading

I embrace my sisters of all colors backgrounds religions and beliefs……

I am so moved and proud of both Kenya and Jessica for starting a family that has grown beyond belief.

I can’t imagine my days without the constant support and the non-judging advise of my sisters. At first I Continue reading

Love is free and touch is priceless……..As we are living in a society that takes touch and love for granted its up to us progressive lovers to teach the meaning of love and connection.

Have you ever walked down the streets of a busy city so close to the person Continue reading

When is it ok to say ” I LOVE YOU”?…..  Not too soon or you’ll look needy, not too long or you’ll look disinterested.  This is what we always ask ourselves when we relate to a new person.

Let me ask you this: Do you wait to say ” I Continue reading


I can see clearly now the rain is gone………whooohooo

I am fairly new at everything Progressive Love.  I have recently checked my eyes of love and energy… I have learned I couldn’t see.  I have reached for some clarity through Progressive Love and now its so clear……….

It all goes  Continue reading


One in five relationships begin online. One in five!!!

Couldn’t believe that when I read it either. But then I began thinking why not. We live in an  era that allows us to be connected all the time. I myself manifested a connection online with one handsome, intelligent king…..;) Continue reading


The 90 Day Rule – A concept made famous by comedian and self proclaimed “relationships expert” Steve Harvey – is an interesting concept which purports that women should be mindful to make a man wait at least 90 days before ‘giving’ him sex.  Progressive Love doesn’t agree with this concept. Continue reading


So I’m a lil confused.  It’s more normal and acceptable to react to a ‘cheating man’ by busting the windows out his car than it is to learn to release insecurity, jealousy, ownership and lack mentalities using tantra?  Hmmmm…  I don’t like to sound nutty, but wth?

This week JujuMama released Continue reading

MORE is something I like.  I thought it was something everyone might like!!  Do you like the concept of having MORE?

Sometimes we don’t give ourselves permission to want and need and desire more.  Well, why is that?  Maybe it’s our early training.  I recall the adults telling us that we are unappreciative if we ask for more too often.  What these adults left out was explaining the importance of wanting more and HOW to achieve the more we seek – (well, beyond the intellectual pursuits and ‘hard work’)!

The desire for more is so natural… The Universe is always desiring more of us!  The Universe is always creating more through us.  MORE is not a curse word.  But many have been confused about this powerful feeling, this powerful internal drive for more….

Continue reading

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