New Eyes… Look Into An Opening Marriage.

  I can see clearly now the rain is gone………whooohooo I am fairly new at everything Progressive Love.  I have recently checked my eyes of love and energy… I have learned I couldn’t see.  I have reached for some clarity through Progressive Love and now its so clear………. It all goes 

Debunking Steve Harvey’s 90 Day Sex Rule

The 90 Day Rule – A concept made famous by comedian and self proclaimed “relationships expert” Steve Harvey – is an interesting concept which purports that women should be mindful to make a man wait at least 90 days before ‘giving’ him sex.  Progressive Love doesn’t agree with this concept.

Busting Windows is the Norm?

So I’m a lil confused.  It’s more normal and acceptable to react to a ‘cheating man’ by busting the windows out his car than it is to learn to release insecurity, jealousy, ownership and lack mentalities using tantra?  Hmmmm…  I don’t like to sound nutty, but wth? This week JujuMama released