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Dear Wonderful Men,

I am writing on behalf of all women (I hope).  This letter is especially oriented for men in relationships with women, long term relationships, marriages and short term relationships for that matter!  I want to talk about your desire to have more.  We all want more.  More love, more freedom, more fun!  We honor you.  We want that too.  Everyone wants to feel free and happy, right?

Let me explain a few things to you that will surely get that DIVA you are working with on the right page about the relationship.  She needs your love and I know you need her respect and both of you can have BOTH!  Easy as pie!

The trick is simple. In this letter, I offer four ways for you to take your relationship to the next level.

I guess I’m talking to men today because of all the emails I get from men who say:

“Kenya K, I want my wife or lover to open up in the ways you have to your husband  – but she won’t let me do anything like that.  She would kill me if she knew I were writing you!”

I guess these men are talking about the open relationship piece.  But there are a few things that must be in tact in a primary relationship before women will even consider doing anything outside the norm.  Women are VERY conservative.

This is from the heart…

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