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So last night I was in the need for a little Tantric Bliss…

I work around the clock as CEO, CFO, Marketing Director, Blogger, Mother, Wet Nurse, Wife, Energy Healer, Tantrica,  Manager of 5 Virtual Assistants, Book Distributor, Twitter Queen, Lover, Event Coordinator, Motivational Speaker, Web Developer, Friend, Counselor, PR Director, Publicist, Brand Manager, Laundry Maid, and of course Goddess/DIVA.

So I was like REALLY in need last night. Do ya’ll feel me? LOL!

I desire to be more than loved, I desire to be worshiped!

Now, before you call me blasphemous, hear me out.  Human beings – all of us, I dare say – need to be worshiped from time to time.

This entails another human being (or two – whatever ;~) adoring and adorning your body, mind and soul, sending healing vibrations into your soul, speaking strings of kind words into your heart, acknowledging you, sensually, and in every way!  Often we think we need to have a main lover or serious partner to do this.  But that is old school, old paradigm thought!

LOVE HEALS!  How often do you get it in?  LOL!  Here is how it works…

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Do you know the language of spirit? Did you know your spirit (sub-conscious mind) doesn’t know a word of English!

Here’s the skinny: Your sub-conscious mind makes up 88% of you!  YES 88%.  They say we only use 12% of our brains at current. (OK, some less…)

Imagine using more of the brain!  When we learn the language of spirit, we become Avatars – awakened to super human powers similar to that of Jesus, Buddha, and the like.

Yes – Avatars – bending water, earth and bank accounts with a single thought.  You heard it here first – all we have to do is use the entire brain or at least a bit more than 12%!

That tiny 12% is generally intellectual function.  That’s cool.  We go to modern schools to empower the intellect, but the largest and most powerful part goes neglected.

We are not victims to the modern paradigm.   At any given point we can learn a new language - the sensual language of spirit!

Here is what you can accomplish by learning a new language – the language of spirit:

(Not available on Rosetta Stone)

  • Crush blockages to success, wealth and happiness
  • Burst old patterns – create new healthy patterns
  • Get better at anything – become an expert in any field
  • Create Blissful relationships
  • Make more money more quickly
  • Enjoy more success – more of the time
  • Create more peace, joy, love, comfort, ecstasy, happiness, satisfaction and harmony

Spirit Bending takes a moment in time to shift;  no worries, time is a fallacy too!  Read on…  I’m going to give you the five steps to magically shifting your spirit easily and effortlessly!

Need support with shifting your vibration?  No Problem —>>

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