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Are you ready to make your love style more Progressive? Join the Progressive Love Movement today!

The Progressive Love Movement. Founded by Carl and Kenya Stevens 2005

The Progressive Love Tenets

100% Responsibility – No victims no villains

100% Tolerance –No shame no blame

100% Commitment –No cop outs no drop outs

100% Understanding – The purpose is growth.

The benefit is love 

Let us love… 

~ Carl & Kenya Stevens




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    1. Kitty Katana

      Hello darling Sophie! Haven't heard from you in forever! I hope you a well… I know you are well.
      Jujumama! Thank you for the inspiration and devotion to evolve yourself. It triggered something in me a long time ago that made me know I am the sole reason for my current state, that I'M responsible for all the "good" and the "bad". Thank you for helping me evolve. You're a beautiful, kind spirit. :)


  2. Jean

    Peace & Many Blessings, Carl & Kenya,
    I listened to Bro Michael show last night. I wanted to get clarity on Orgasm & Female ejaculation. I wanted to know what is the difference? When I orgasm. I become wet. I thought they were both the same. Great show. Are you all thinking of coming to the St. Louis area?
    Thank You

  3. Yolanda

    I think you people are crazy do not know what it means to be committed to one person how can you say you are a spiritual couple you really need to rethink your values. You are parents of three children

    1. jujumama

      Thank you mama! Welcome to our site! You think I'm crazy – which is understandable – but I think you are FABULOUS! We are ONE in love and light. Do explore a bit more… I welcome you. xoxo Kenya K

  4. Measha

    Kenya k and hubby u r fabulous couple. You r ahead of the game , u r blessed with foresight, thanks for sharing all your knowledge. "The world will step aside and allow to pass only the man who knows where he is going" Call it crazyyyyy, call it whatever, i love it :) measha/ melina walcott

  5. dijones247

    I simply love your blog. Each time I come to it, I read something that affirms those things that I've embraced. As I continue my journey, I'm delighted to have found a source that lights a path in the direction that I'm headed.

  6. Mimi

    When you guys get STDs, are you going to be honest with all of your clients? 70% of the population has a sexual transmitted disease. Living as though it doesn’t exist doesn’t make it go away. I feel very sorry for your kids. Because once they’re old enough you will reap what you’ve sown.

  7. Kit Kale

    Watching Dr. Phil right now. Even though I am entering a momogamous marriage, I fully support you. I feel I can integrate your tenants while still being monogamous. Your love is beautiful and you were so brave to go on Dr. Phil. <3!

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